Jets fans: it’s time to believe!! Our team is for REAL!!! by Derek Brookes





© Derek Brookes

WPG Brooksie here, not to be confused with Geoff who is the prolific writer and super fan in the family.  I don’t stop to write anything more than 140 characters very often.  Today’s 140+ piece might have something to do with a looming assignment due and my desire to avoid it.

Jets fans 1


Jet fans are a neurotic bunch.  This particular fan base could definitely go 10 rounds with a psychiatrist.  There are glory moments, ghosts and skeletons embedded deep in the psyche of jet fans.  This drives our desire for glory and also our deep paranoia that success is unsustainable.  As we drift off to sleep at night, we don’t count sheep.  The are many demons yet laid to rest.  A Christ figure wearing 10 picks us from the depths of failure, leads us through our first playoff series victory only to drop in agony (broken ribs) as if the gods struck him down.  We dream of OT playoff goals (Ellett), but then the fantasy collapses with a dramatic come from behind reversal leaving us lost in the abyss.  We remember the nirvana of seeing a superstar 76 goal season then the demons return.  The superstar is once again struck down dramatically (severed achilles), is sent into exile and followed by the team soon after.

Maybe it’s no surprise then that while the Jets are reaping a bounty harvest as thanksgiving approaches their fans are fearful.  The jets won 7 in a row last spring and hockey fans rolled their eyes as it was too little too late.  It was dismissed as meaningless match ups as playoff bound teams rested their stars for the playoffs.  But maybe there was something there we all missed?   I think there was.  This team has found itself and made peace with failure of the past.  Whatever it was, it is now clear these guys believe in themselves.  If you count the 7 from last year they are now 19-4-3 which is a blistering pace.  Projected over 82 games that’s 129 points! They are blasting Celine Dion in the dressing room.  They’ve created their own moment, like the replacements signing ”I Will Survive” in a jail cell. (

This team is going to have a season to remember and we are still at the beginning of a magical ride that might last into June.  Yet Jet fans are doubtful, fearful, even critical.  Why don’t WE believe?


Maybe we all need a bonding moment.  Like the one on May 19, 2011 when we sang O Canada at the top of our lungs at Portage and Main.  (  We need to take the brave step into the light and begin to accept that it can happen here.  We aren’t cursed.  We can be winners.  It’s time to embrace the unknown and shout #GoJetsGo for everyone to hear.

Jets cover


Daymn, fuckin daymn!! Malcom Young, AC/DC founder, dead at 64…thx for all the music man!! tearfully, by Chuck Duboff


Malcolm Young has died at the age of 64 after suffering from dementia for about three years

AC/DC…camping one night at Classic Rock…and the tent beside had AC/DC playing all night!!   AC/DC…working out to AC/DC most everyday!!   AC/DC…feelin it and got AC/DC rockin!!   AC/DC at the ol’ Winnipeg Stadium…just a wild party.  This is my fuckin music…thank you Malcom…the dementia got ya…and it’s over!!

Greg Allman…The Allman Brothers;  Gord Downey…The Tragically Hip…Tom Petty…

Malcom Young…founder of AC/DC









Can the Winnipeg Jets keep up their winning ways?…by Geoff Brookes



© Geoff Brookes

The Winnipeg Jets are soaring to their best start in the 2.0 era.

It’s not even close to any of the previous 6 seasons. After Friday night’s game, the Jets are 4th in the NHL, with (on average) 1 game in hand. And this is not a fluke, in terms of game results, as their goal differential is also 4th-best in the NHL.

Last year, the debate between Winnipeg and the Centre of the Universe was about who had the best rookie. This year, it’s about who has the best Canadian team. (The Leafs are 3rd in the NHL standings, but the Jets have 2 games in hand. However, it must be said that the Leafs blew out our Jets in the season opener).

But the big debate – especially among Jets fans and the analytics community – is whether the Jets meteoric rise is sustainable.

For traditional Jets fans, it’s the worry factor, based on the dearth of championship hockey since the WHA champions of 1979. It’s the painful memories of good Jets teams that let things slip away, including playoff series where they had led 3-1 in the series. (There are 2 of those, by the way. In addition to the much-remembered comeback series loss to the 1980 Stanley Cup Champion Oilers, there was another 3-1 comeback series loss to the Vancouver Canucks, in the year before Selanne joined the Jets).

Perhaps the most crushing disappointment was 1984-85, when the Jets had the fourth-best point total in the NHL, led by Dale Hawerchuk’s 130 points (53-77-130), and five other 30 goal scorers. With high expectations, the Jets convincingly won their opening playoff series against the Calgary Flames. However, they lost “Ducky” to injury in that series. The depleted and deflated Jets could not match their next opponent – the Oilers in the top of their dynastic form. (Similar to the current NHL playoff structure, the Jets had to play their Smythe division rivals in round 2, instead of having the opportunity to face a lower seeded opponent in an open playoff structure).


Beyond that, there was the Jets 2.0 in-season collapse in their second season, when they had led the South-east division but fell disastrously in March, including back-to-back home losses against the ultimate division winners, the Capitals.

The traditional hockey view would suggest that this NHL Jets team is the real deal. They have elite young talent. They have good leadership. They have a solid, 6 man defensive unit. They have a hot, young goalie with a solid resume. They are 18-4-3 in their last 25 games, including a 7-0-0 record in the last 7 games in the previous season.

But there are some reasons to be concerned. The Jets have been outshot by their opponents, 34-28, on average. The advanced stat, Corsi, tells a similar story (Corsi is total shots directed at the opposing net). Critics have said that the team has been lucky that there haven’t been more goals scored against them.

There is some good news, though. Websites like now track shots by “quality”.  Consistent with the “eye test”, the Jets have allowed a lot of shots from the perimeter areas – low percentage shots – and fewer shots from the quality scoring areas. This, together with a very strong performance by goalie Connor Hellebuyck, has contributed “Bucky” having the 14th best goals-against average, and the 12th best save percentage. Even better, his save percentage while the Jets are at even strength is a sparkling 94.2%, 6th best in the NHL! His save percentage, when adjusted for shot quality is still good – around 15th in the league. Even when his 5 on 5 shot save percentage is adjusted for shot quality, it is still very impressive.

So, the Jets defensive improvement from last year is impressive, and apparently sustainable, even with the normal up’s and down’s that come in an 82 game schedule.

Ironically for the Jets – where the concern has always been about their goals against – the less sustainable aspect of their overall game could be their sky-high shooting percentage. According to, the Jets’ actual goals per 60 minutes (5 on 5) is 2.53, but their “expected goals” based on shot quality and a normalized shooting percentage, is just 2.03!

That difference 2.53 (actual) versus 2.03 (expected) is massive. Half a goal a game (roughly, 5 on 5) is the difference between a winning record and a losing record.

So, who is shooting the lights out, and is it sustainable?

Advanced stats likes to look at it in terms of what happens while a player is on the ice. This gives a more balanced analysis. So far, among Jets forwards, Wheeler, Laine and Scheifele have been the biggest beneficiaries of the Jets’ “puck luck”, with extra goals (over expected) of 4.79, 3.87 and 3.84 respectively. This is measuring the difference between the Jets actual goals (5 on 5) while they are on the ice, compared to a statistically-calculated “expected goals” based on shot quantity and quality. In other words, it is a measurement of the Jets’ “puck luck” while these top players are on the ice.

The traditionalist will now say “Hold the phone – isn’t that precisely what you expect to happen, with top players?” The answer is, yes it is what you expect. But the issue is, how much better can a top player be, over the long-term, for putting the same quality shot in the net?

Advanced stat gurus are divided on this question. But some say that it can happen. My favourite article, that discusses Scheifele specifically, is by TSN’s Travis Yost: “Scheifele the straw that stirs the drink in Winnipeg”. Interestingly, this article was written in the summer, based on statistics from the prior year. This is a must read for Jets’ fans. You can click on the link below:

The point is, it is possible for a player like Scheifele to influence the overall shooting percentage when he is on the ice. This is also supported by 2 other articles:

So, some advanced stats theories support the idea that higher than normal shooting percentages can be achieved, and even sustained.

Now, there are undoubtedly going to be some valleys to go with the peaks, over the next 64 games of this hockey season. There will be some “regression to the mean”.

When Wheeler, Laine and Scheifele are not getting the puck luck, they will need the other Jets to fill in the gap in the Jets’ scoring. That is why it is so important for the Jets to get more scoring from their other forwards and lines. (See my previous blog, “In search of a third line”, and consider Jack Roslovic’s meteoric rise, currently second in AHL scoring).

But the overall big picture, despite the bad Corsi (the modern NHL’s bad karma), the Jets’ just might be on to something this year!

“Can You Love Someone Who Did Bad Things?” Sarah Silverman Speaks Out About Louis C.K; by Abigail Abrams

© Chuck Duboff

On a personal note:  I have been very conflicted about the Bobby Hull story; having done more research into his past, I am disgusted by his actions and thoughts…like Sarah Silverman has done in this article/video, I will attempt to write a blog in which I share my thoughts and opinions about Mr. Hull.  It’s not pretty.

Actress/executive producer Sarah Silverman attends a photo op for Hulu's "I Love You America" with Sarah Silverman at Chateau Marmont on Oct. 11, 2017 in Los Angeles.
Actress/executive producer Sarah Silverman

Sarah Silverman on Thursday joined the chorus of prominent comedians confronting the controversy around Louis C.K. after he admitted allegations of sexual misconduct, including that he masturbated in front of female comedians without their consent, were true.

 In this week’s episode of her Hulu show “I Love You, America,” Silverman used the cold open to discuss her feelings about C.K., who she called “one of my best friends of over 25 years.”

“I love Louis,” Silverman said. “But Louis did these things. Both of those statements are true, so I just keep asking myself, ‘Can you love someone who did bad things? Can you still love them?’ I can mull that over later, certainly, because the only people that matter right now are the victims.”

She started the emotional monologue by admitting that she would rather not discuss the situation at all.

“I’ve, of course, been asked to comment, and in full honesty I really, really, really don’t want to. I wish I could sit this one out,” Silverman said. “But then I remembered something I said on this very show, that if it’s mentionable, it’s manageable. So I’m going to address the elephant masturbating in the room.”

She said the current wave of women coming forward with stories of sexual harassment and assault “has been a long time coming.” Silverman praised the movement, and explained why she has had a tough time speaking out about this particular instance of misconduct.

“One of my best friends of over 25 years, Louis C. K., masturbated in front of women,” she said in the clip. “He wielded his power with women in f—ed-up ways, sometimes to the point where they left comedy entirely.”

 Silverman added that her memories of the famous comedian are not helpful in this conversation. “I could couch this with heartwarming stories of our friendship and what a great dad he is, but that’s totally irrelevant isn’t it?” she asked rhetorically.

Toward the end of her monologue, Silverman told her audience she has been feeling multiple ways about the controversy but said she hopes the world is improving.

“I hope it’s OK if I am at once very angry for the women he wronged and the culture that enabled it, and also sad because he’s my friend,” Silverman said. “But I believe with all my heart that this moment in time is essential. It’s vital that people are held accountable for their actions no matter who they are. We need to be better. We will be better. I can’t f—ing wait to be better.”

Dale Hawerchuk Night: fans share their memories of #10…by Chuck Duboff

Chuck Duboff remembers:

Dale Hawerchuk’s rookie season as a Winnipeg Jet:

Winnipeg Jets:   1981 – 1982    Games played:    80    Goals:   45     Assists     58    Points   103

Dale Hawerchuk was the first overall pick for the Winnipeg Jets in 1981; after not having been given much when we first got into the NHL, Dale was our reward for the futility of our first seasons.  He was the first Winnipeg Jets star in the NHL!!  I remember thinking, we’ve got our Gretzky…and oh did he not disappoint.  Remember that Saturday night in Toronto when had a six point night.  Those passes to Paul McLean who filled the night after Ducky got him the puck.

Dale Hawerchuk was the Rookie of the Year…winning the Calder Trophy.  These are my two very young kids with Dale and the Calder Trophy:


March 6th, 1984 against the LA KIngs: Dale gets 5 assists in one period: (video below)


Mickey Steen remembers:

Gen Mgr. John Ferguson letting the NHL and world know that he wanted this young hockey phenom from Ontario, Dale Hawerchuk, as his 1st.overall pick in the 1981 hockey draft.

Ferguson and Hawerchuk signing his contract at Portage & Main, same corner where Ben Haskins signed another not so bad hockey player in Bobby Hull


Super hockey player who possessed great Leadership skills.

9 years as a Winnipeg Jet  713 games, 929 points as a Jet

Winning the faceoff for the winning goal in the Canada Cup 1987, with Lemieux & Gretzky as his wingers

Head Coach with Barrie and getting hold of the Jets organization and letting them know they should make an effort to sign a young Junior by the name of Mark Scheifele

Ducky and Scheif.

Geoff Brookes remembers:

Memories of Dale Hawerchuk are intoxicating for long-time Jets fans. I heard an interview with Paul Maurice today, where he was asked about his memories of Hawerchuk. He said that he was just starting as a head coach when Hawerchuk was winding down his career. PoMo said that if Hawerchuk had played in a large city, his superstar play would have been more widely appreciated – this being the age where it was hard even to get decent videotape for scouting teams, let alone the wall-to-wall TV coverage that we have today.


So we have these memories that are legendary to Jets fans- memories from live games at the old arena, and the few games that were on TV. To this, we add our radio memories, with the tremulous excitement provided by Kurt Kielbach’s enthusiastic voice.

It was a time of fantasy for Jet fans – what if…

At the core of that dedicated hope was the incredible skill of Hawerchuk.

Linemates like Brian Mullen and Paul McLean put up scoring numbers that rivalled established stars in the NHL – playing with Hawerchuk. McLean had a nice scoring touch around the net, but he was quite an average player – without Hawerchuk. “Ducky” made journeyman players look like all stars.


Hawerchuk using his speed to gain the blue line, then pausing to hit the trailer in the slot for a perfect one-timer;

Hawerchuk rushing up the ice to create an odd-man rush;

Hawerchuk bearing the goalie with a brilliant deke, or a great wrist shot.

I was at the playoff game where Macoun crosschecked Hawerchuk in the ribs, taking him out of the playoffs. That was the year that we advanced past Calgary, only to be eliminated by Edmonton in 4 straight games, without Ducky in the lineup.

Those Jets teams were good, but without Hawerchuk they would have been lucky to win half their games. I don’t think there has ever been an NHL player that had a greater impact on his team’s success, or was more valuable to his team.

Through good years and bad, Ducky made the Jets exciting and (mostly) successful.

Perhaps the greatest tribute to his skill was that he played together on a line with Gretzky and Mario Lemieux, on that great Team Canada at the “Canada Cup”, in the fall of 1987.

with G and M

Ducky, this day should have come so many years ago- thank you Dale Hawerchuk

Winnipeg Blue Bombers…make it 27 years of futility!! by Chuck Duboff

© Chuck Duboff

Derek Jeter was asked the question:  “If you made it to the World Series but lost, would you consider it a successful season?” to which Jeter replied, incredulously, “No, you haven’t won anything, there’s nothing successful about losing.”

mike-oshea-1040x572 (1)

Make it 27 straight years of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers not being successful.  Read that again…27 years!!!  In a 9 team league.  27 years in a 9 team league and the Winnipeg Blue Bombers haven’t won a Grey Cup during that time period.  The Winnipeg Goldeyes play in the 12 team American Association and have won 3 Championships in the last five years.

I watched young people in the stands yesterday, cheering like crazy in the first half when the Bombers took a brief 10-7 lead.  I was happy for those young fans cheering wildly, as they’ve probably never seen the Bombers win the Grey Cup.  Yet, while they were cheering, I sat back and said to myself…this is going to end badly…and in the second half as Edmonton pulled away, those fans grew quiet and I felt for them.

I was fortunate to watch great Bomber teams in the ’60’s win Grey Cups and then in the 1980’s the Bombers won Cups in ’84, ’88 and ’90…three in 7 years.


Just because we won 12 regular season games, does not make this a a successful season.  We lost a playoff game yet again.  All season long we stubbornly held onto Richie Hall’s defence that was burned game after game after game…and we made no changes!!  That is on both Mike O’Shea and Kyle Walters.  The status quo doesn’t work guys!!  Our receiving corps is terrible…other than Darvin Adams, we don’t have a receiver who could start on Saskatchewan, Edmonton or Calgary…and yet we stuck with a pretty awful collection of receivers.  Playing Sam Hurl at MLB is an insult to any average football fan’s intelligence…teams ran up the gut on the Bombers every game…and Hurl was run over play after play after play…and we stuck with him at MLB all season…Stubborn, stubborn, stubborn.


Two seasons in a row, when the game was on the line in the playoffs…Coach O’Shea makes questionable decisions that  lead to the Bombers loss…that fake punt yesterday was inexcusable  “I let the team down with that call” O’Shea.

I give a lot of credit to Matt Nichols who played with a broken finger since Oct 6th and had a bum leg which limited his mobility yesterday.  The man is a warrior and i’ve only got good things to say about him.

This team could use 40 more Andrew Harris type players…players who play with their heart on their sleeve; Harris has got nothing to hang his head about…he too is a warrior and should be proud of representing his home city so well.

I hope I’m around if/when the Bombers win the Grey Cup again…I hope for the sake of the young Bomber fans in this city that that happens sooner than later.

But please…don’t tell me this was a successful season…Derek Jeter was a winner on the field and as he said…losing is never successful!!

Dale Hawerchuk Night…leave your memories of Dale in the comment section…Chuck & Geoff.

What great memories I have of Dale Hawerchuk…we finally had a star playing for the Jets once we were in the NHL!! What a playmaker he was! Share your memories of Dale in the comments section and next week we will be writing blogs on our remembrances of Ducky.

Chuck's Eclectic Blog.

Chuck & Geoff:

Next Tuesday evening, the Winnipeg Jets will be honoring Dale Hawerchuk. The only Winnipeg Jet in the Hockey Hall of Fame…Tuesday will be a chance for Winnipeg fans to say thank you to Ducky!!

Geoff and I will be writing blogs about Dale and our great memories of his years as a Jet.

We would love for you to share your memories of Hawerchuk. Simply go to the comments section and leave your thoughts about number 10.

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Winnipeg Jets fans want to believe this is real…a 3 game sweep of Vegas and Arizona would be sweet!!

Las Vegas Golden Knights Head Coach Gerard Gallant: “Winnipeg is one of the great teams in the NHL right now!!”

Chuck's Eclectic Blog.

Homer coach
© Geoff Brookes
Some long-suffering Winnipeg Jets fan tweeted this week that he will become a “believer” in this 2017-18 Jets team if they rack up three consecutive wins over Vegas and Arizona (twice), through Tuesday night.
Most Jets fans can relate to this dude. Many would salute him for publicly saying what we are privately feeling.
The uninitiated reader will want to understand this skepticism. The veterans of past campaigns will point, with weathered, bony fingers to the exhibits of past futility, as if they were a collective ghost of Christmas past:
  • February 4, 2017- a desperate Jets team visits the worst team in the central division – Colorado, who have just lost 9 straight – and post a 5-2 loss on the blank spot on the bingo card ;
  • February 5, 2016 – Jets lose to cellar-dweller Carolina, 5-3
  • March 21 and 22, 2013 – with the Jets leading…

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Dale Hawerchuk Night…leave your memories of Dale in the comment section…Chuck & Geoff.

Chuck & Geoff:

Next Tuesday evening, the Winnipeg Jets will be honoring Dale Hawerchuk.  The only Winnipeg Jet in the Hockey Hall of Fame…Tuesday will be a chance for Winnipeg fans to say thank you to Ducky!!

Geoff and I will be writing blogs about Dale and our great memories of his years as a Jet.

We would love for you to share your memories of Hawerchuk.  Simply go to the comments section and leave your thoughts about number 10.

Winnipeg Jets fans want to believe this is real…a 3 game sweep of Vegas and Arizona would be sweet!!

Homer coach
© Geoff Brookes
Some long-suffering Winnipeg Jets fan tweeted this week that he will become a “believer” in this 2017-18 Jets team if they rack up three consecutive wins over Vegas and Arizona (twice), through Tuesday night.
Most Jets fans can relate to this dude. Many would salute him for publicly saying what we are privately feeling.
The uninitiated reader will want to understand this skepticism. The veterans of past campaigns will point, with weathered, bony fingers to the exhibits of past futility, as if they were a collective ghost of Christmas past:
  • February 4, 2017- a desperate Jets team visits the worst team in the central division – Colorado, who have just lost 9 straight – and post a 5-2 loss on the blank spot on the bingo card ;
  • February 5, 2016 – Jets lose to cellar-dweller Carolina, 5-3
  • March 21 and 22, 2013 – with the Jets leading the south east division, they drop consecutive games at home to the Washington Capitals by a combined score of 10-1. They go on to blow the division lead and drift right out of the playoff race.
We could go on.
So, despite the heady, intoxicating draft from an early season 8-1-3 streak, Jets fans are acting more cautious than boisterous. Hence the skeptical tweet.
We want to embrace this exciting, youthful team, blessed with an ability to score early and often. We want to declare the greatness of bar-down, post-and-in shots from Scheifele, Laine and Ehlers. We want to celebrate the great play-making of under-rated NHL star Blake Wheeler. We want to cheer every save from budding young goaltending star Connor Hellebuyck.
But we’re still just a little bit nervous.
Yup, a few wins over the weekend, including back to back wins over last place Arizona, would go a long way to exorcizing the demons of past losses at critical moments.
The word consistency has been used a lot, lately, to describe this current jets team. We are hoping that it isn’t a mirage. We want to actually drink from the well.
On Friday night, one of the hottest teams in the NHL will arrive at one of the hottest places in the NHL, in the Nevada desert. The Jets will play the unexpectedly solid expansion Vegas Golden Nights.
There will be more than a few Jets fans nervously sipping their drinks and munching on snacks, glued to their TV, or their sightlines at T-Mobile Arena.
If the Jets can depose the Knights like they did with the Stars, and then repeat that twice with the Coyotes, there will be cheers.
But there might also be a gentle breeze – the audible relief of thousands of sighs and exhalations from fans who finally feel comfortable that the Jets’ elusive consistency has been found; that the Jets have finally arrived as an NHL contender.
The fans of the Winnipeg Jets are ready to welcome a champion hockey team once again.
They just want to start that off by cheering a Jets team that can consistently beat the cellar dwellers.
Jets cover

Depression: I wish you could walk in my shoes for one day. By Chuck Duboff


© Chuck Duboff

It’s hell.  One moment life is good, peaceful, joyous…then suddenly, it is like a vulture swooping down and taking control of your life.

As one who has suffered from depression my whole life, I can only say that it is exhausting beyond words.  I follow all the recommendations: I take my medicine every day, exercise intensely every day, I write and share my emotions, I talk with those who will listen…and yet, I function knowing that at any moment my life can be overtaken by the darkness and emotional pain of Depression.

I have shared the story with friends of an Olympic athlete, minutes away from competing in an event, who had the Darkness of Depression over take her thoughts; it took everybody around her, coaches, friends, family to get her to compete…

Trying to explain the irrational thoughts which overtake one’s mind is like trying to explain why one colour is more beautiful than an other.  It can be a spoken word, an innocent look, the lyrics of a song…innocuous though it may be, it has the unmitigated power to destroy a life.

It is easy to rattle off a list of some of  those who face the demons of Depression: Brad Pitt, Jon Hamm, Gwyneth Paltrow,  Paul Simon, Owen Wilson, Catherine Zeta Jones, Princess Diana, Johnny Depp, Darryl Strawberry, Stephane Richer, Harrison Ford, Joey Votto…the Rock- Duane Johnson suffers from Depression.

I have struggled for so long trying to explain to people that it is not a choice that we have…all the medicine, all the exercise, talking and writing…does not stand a chance in the face of Depression.  Once it attacks…you just prey you can ride it out and not do too much damage to your life; and you hope and prey that those who care, those who love you will try, as difficult as it is, and understand.  Getting upset with an individual who is battling the dark days only exacerbates and lengthens the episode.

Many former students have come forward and thanked me for writing about my depression, as they too battle the Dark Days of Depression.  It has allowed them to talk about the struggles they also face.  If you are engulfed by the dangerous thoughts, try with every fibre of your being to talk…the thoughts are irrational and difficult to confront, but, hopefully you can get through the Darkness and let some brightness ease the pain.

First time I’ve ever stated this: there is a clear bias against the Winnipeg Jets by NHL referees!! by Chuck Duboff


© Chuck Duboff

This will be a very clearly stated blog.  You won’t have to ask, “what are you saying Chuck?”   One fan expressing his opinion:

NHL referees have a very clear bias against the Winnipeg Jets.  Period.  End of Discussion.

In the past two weeks four goals have gone against the Jets in what were calls that should have gone the other way.  Brendan Taniv scores a goal, but it is overruled…Ben Bishop had clearly put his stick into Mark Scheifele’s skates…but that doesn’t matter, does it Mr. Referee…it’s the Jets, so it can be overruled.

Last night Conner Hellebucyk has the puck in his glove, under control…Andrew Shaw hacks it out of his glove into the net and its a goal.  Mr/ Referee remembers its the Jets, so, presto, it’s a goal for the sainted Montreal Canadians.  Conner Hellebucyk post game:–connor-hellebuyck/t-277437442/c-54250103

On the winning goal for Montreal…Big Buff is clearly interfered with, which leaves Max Pacioretty all alone in front of the net for the winning goal.  Even Jets head coach Paul Maurice, who refrains from saying things about referees, stated that that was clearly interference.  But, its just the Winnipeg Jets, right Mr. Referee, against the lords of hockey…that has to go Montreal’s way, right?

buff and ref

Who can forget referee Francois St. Laurent clearly laughing on-mike after he had made a brutal call against the Winnipeg Jets…

“Late in the second period of a game between the Winnipeg Jets and Tampa Bay Lightning, played on 18 February 2016, Anton Stralman delivered a questionable hit to Bryan Little. St. Laurent and partner Dan O’Rourke did not issue penalties on the hit. (Blake Wheeler and Stralman would get penalties for roughing, while Stralman would not be suspended.[56] Little ended up missing the rest of the regular season because of a T6 vertebrae fracture.[57]) Upon hearing that there would be no further penalties towards Stralman, Jets coach Paul Maurice took exception to what he had heard from the referees. Based on his comments, the Jets would receive a bench minor.

Upon coming back to the bench for the start of the third period, Maurice would be sent back to the locker room, as he was ejected by St. Laurent.[59]TSN, the network covering the game for the Jets, showed St. Laurent looking at the bench. Another shot showed what appeared to be him laughing about something; this gave the commentators the impression that the laughter stemmed from him ejecting Maurice. Said Maurice after the game: “I would say that would then have been consistent with their overall demeanor regarding the incident.”  (Source, Wikipedia)

Refs 2.jpg

We get it, we’re just the little hiccup on the prairies…who are we to expect fair treatment from the referees.

It’s freakin time that somebody in the Winnipeg Jets organization stand up and say something, do something about this.  We as fans pay hundreds of dollars for tickets to see a fairly called game by the referees.  This is a bias against the Winnipeg Jets by NHL referees.

In case you haven’t heard this is the last few minutes Mr. Referee:


This is what Jets fans have been waiting for: 7-1-2 in last ten games!! By Geoff Brookes

Over 200 reads of this great Jets blog by my pal Geoff; watch for Geoff’s Jets report each week (though he does need reminding some times…lol) Great work pal

Chuck's Eclectic Blog.

Scheif and parents Scheif, with his parents, after his second career hat trick.

© Geoff Brookes

The birth of a contender

Ken Hitchcock is always a candid and interesting interview. But his comment about the Jets before their game yesterday was surprisingly high praise for the Winnipeg Jets – that they were playing great hockey, like a “pack of wolves”.

If it was meant to portray his Dallas Stars as an underdog, to motivate his team, it didn’t seem to work out for them. The Jets dominated the first 15 minutes of the game, outshooting the Stars, and jumping out to a 3-0 lead. Dallas brought the game back to 3-1 on a late goal, off a face-off in the Jets end, but the overall impression from the first period was that the Jets were indeed a “pack of wolves”, controlling the play all over the ice.

The Jets worst period of the…

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