Jets face a big test, four games against Central Division foes!! by Geoff Brookes


Thursday it’s the Black Hawks.

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The high flying Winnipeg Jets face a major four game test; sitting near the top of both the divisional and league standings, the Jets face Chicago tonight, back to back with St Louis this weekend and then Nashville next Tuesday.  Our Jets blogger, Geoff Brookes, takes a look at what the Jets need to do to make this a successful four games.

© Geoff Brookes

The Jets have ticked a lot of the items on their checklist for this hockey season:
-Great home record.
-Great record against non-playoff teams.
-Solid road trip to California, with wins agains the Kings and the Ducks.
-Solid winning record, 4th in the NHL as of early Wednesday evening.

The Jets also have a very good record vs. central division rivals so far this year – 4-1-1.
They haven’t played either the Hawks or the Blues yet. That will change over the next few days, as they meet Chicago tonight, followed by back to back game against St.Louis on the weekend, on the road and then home on Sunday.The Jets then travel to Nashville for an opportunity to avenge their road loss to the Preds from a month ago.


Saturday & Sunday it’s the Blues.

Needless to say, the Central Division games are important for the playoff races. Already the Western wild card race is looking like it will feature 2 Central Division teams. These are the proverbial 4 point games.
In order for the Jets to win these critical matches, they will need to play more like the team that has dominated home games – and like the team that stormed the Kings and the Ducks in California – and less like the team that stumbled in Detroit and Miami.
They’ll need to play sound, system-oriented hockey, and aggressively hunt down loose pucks.

Mark Scheifele, Pekka Rinne

Tuesday night it’s the Predators.

The line that seems to make the difference, for better or worse, is the Perreault, Hendricks Armia line (or the “M&M” line, for the 2 “Matty’s”). They have either been very good (most nights), or fairly bad (against the Wings and the Panthers).

The Laine-Little-Ehlers line also needs to do a better job of controlling the play at even strength.

The defensemen and goaltending look good. A strong start by Mason in one of the 2 games against the Blues would provide a big lift for the team.

I’m loving the way this team is playing. If they get through these 4 tough games with 6 points, they will be right on track as one of the top teams in the NHL.

Go Jets Go!!!


Sunday Morning Random Thoughts..the Bronx Bombers are back baby!!! by Chuck Duboff

© Chuck Duboff

  • “Now batting for the New York Yankees: Aaron Judge; now batting for the New York Yankees, Giancarlo Stanton!!”  Echoes of Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris.
  • Brian Pallister may be one of theee most heartless people I have ever seen; don’t worry about the human effect, as long as it reduces the debt, that’s all that matters.  Nothing more than a Trump wannabe making lewd sexist comments about a female architect.  You are an embarrassment to Manitoba!!
  • For those whining about the Yankees getting Stanton; a few points…first off, I don’t hear anybody complaining about the Dodgers having the highest payroll; I think all of the misguided angst should be put at the feet of Jeffrey Loria, the former carpetbagger owner of the Marlins who signed Stanton to a stratospheric contract which they could never afford and gave him a no trade clause.  The new owners, which included Derek Jeter, needed to get rid of that bloated salary.  With his no trade clause, Stanton decided he’d only play for the Dodgers or Yankees.  In all of that, how is it that the Yankees are doing anything wrong? Jealousy of 27 World Series I’d say.  Boston: Price, Sandoval, Chris Sale, etc…The Cubs bought their way to a World Series….so, I’m not going to apologize for getting Stanton…hmmm, Astros: Verlander, Beltran, McCann, etc…it’s the way of the professional sports world!!
  • Boston reacts:fenway
  • Suits…one daymn fine show.
  • Just relax Jets fans…yes, last week on this day, we were on top of the NHL…I really believe that all the media attention we received from across North America got into the players heads.  We weren’t the same team this week.  That’s ok…it’s a long season…the team is back home for three this week; a week which i believe is very critical to the rest of the season…have another difficult week and I’d say we’re in trouble…but, it’s right in front of them, with Chicago and St.Louis twice!!
  • Barak Obama warns of parallels to Nazi Germany:  if you’re not paying attention to what is going on in the United States, then I’d suggest it’s time to wake up: talk of secret police being formed, trashing your own FBI while supporting any and everything Putin says or does, supporting racist candidates…and as Geoff stated the other day: “you tell a lie over and over and over, people will start to believe it.”
  • Yankees middle of the order: Judge, Sanchez, Stanton, Gregorious!!!stanton-judge-070517-usnews-getty-ftr_w74toc1rb2i114jmj7xvaicjw
  • Man I hate winter!!
  • It is so much fun going and watching Laine play soccer and then Ben play hockey; they are both playing on the top level teams of their age class.  Both so talented and enjoying playing.
  • I’ll repeat what I said in my blog a few days ago:  “Complacency leads to mediocrity”.  If Jets stand pat and Chevy continues to be Chevy, we will continue to struggle in getting over that magical hump
  • Schitt’s Creek…maybe the funniest show on television..and a CBC production.  Season 4 starts in January on the CBC. ; The first three season are up on Netflix if you’ve never watched it; I’ve just finished re-watching the series for the third time.  Eugene Levy & his son Daniel Levy have created a brilliant cast of hilarious characters…give it a chance, you’ll love it.schitts-creek
  • Been listening to the Beatles non stop lately…what a great time in my life that was…from the bubble gum mop heads to psychedelic Sgt Peppers…so counter culture and fitting of the times.
  • The Beatles: “When I’m 64.”

John Lennon: Imagine.


With the insanity all around the world right now…wars being fought in the name of religion, gun shootings, cultures battling cultures, elections being stolen…with so many individuals feeling disenfranchised…with starvation, homelessness and climate change being ignored by the powers that be…

Perhaps John Lennon’s beautiful Imagine should both be listened to…and his lyrics thought about…perhaps then some real Peace will come to this world.


“Imagine” John Lennon

Imagine there’s no heaven
It’s easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us only sky
Imagine all the people
Living for today…

Imagine there’s no countries
It isn’t hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace…

You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will be as one

Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people
Sharing all the world…

You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will live as one

Complacency leads to Mediocrity; Jets back to back losses a concern?…by Chuck Duboff

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Chuck's Eclectic Blog.

laine 1

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“The team thought it was going to be easy because these teams aren’t doing as well as us”  Patrik Laine commenting on the 6-4 loss to the Florida Panthers.  (note: Geoff commented how refreshing Laine’s comments are…nothing but honest and truthful.

A few thoughts on the disappointing week the Winnipeg Jets are having.  I had mentioned to our resident Jets blogger Geoff, that the team was bound for a market correction.  Like everyone else, I’ve been excited how they’ve been playing, however, there was no way they were going to maintain that level of winning.  This is brand new territory for the team, organization and fans and you have to learn how to win from high up on the standings.  All the talk this past week, after the blowouts of Vegas and Ottawa, were about Stanley Cups and parades at Portage and Main.  I guess with age…

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Complacency leads to Mediocrity; Jets back to back losses a concern?…by Chuck Duboff


laine 1

© Chuck Duboff

“The team thought it was going to be easy because these teams aren’t doing as well as us”  Patrik Laine commenting on the 6-4 loss to the Florida Panthers.  (note: Geoff commented how refreshing Laine’s comments are…nothing but honest and truthful.

A few thoughts on the disappointing week the Winnipeg Jets are having.  I had mentioned to our resident Jets blogger Geoff, that the team was bound for a market correction.  Like everyone else, I’ve been excited how they’ve been playing, however, there was no way they were going to maintain that level of winning.  This is brand new territory for the team, organization and fans and you have to learn how to win from high up on the standings.  All the talk this past week, after the blowouts of Vegas and Ottawa, were about Stanley Cups and parades at Portage and Main.  I guess with age you tend to be a little more objective and restrained about getting too excited…

Jets cover


When our own players are saying they weren’t ready to play, that they “thought it would be easy”, I think that is evidence that all the media attention they’ve been receiving may have gone to their heads.  From the Hockey News, to the Sporting News, to to TSN, suddenly our Jets were being noticed, which led to “fun commentary” about Stanley Cup championships.


Let me make this clear…the Jets have been playing great hockey and its been exciting, but, and this is the point I am leading up to…Complacency leads to Mediocrity.  As I shared with Geoff: I am no fan of the New England Patriots…but, they have won millions of Super Bowls and there is a reason why; they don’t sit idly by.  Bill Belichik will trade a veteran in the middle of the season, he will cut a star player and he will not tolerate anything less than excellent.   There is a reason why he always wins.  Same with the Pittsburg Penguins…they are always retooling and winning Stanley Cups.

It’s nice to say that Joel Armia has all the talent in the world…but, he is in his “funk” now, almost a sense of complacency!  Andrew Copp and Brandon Tanev haven’t scored in calendar years…we can act like they are the second coming or we can try and improve.  This is not panicking, this is trying to improve your team so you continue to win and stay high up in the standings.  I’m not a big fan of Shaun Mathias or Marco Dano, so maybe it’s time to call up Jack Roslovic!!  He’s been on fire in the AHL and would certainly be an improvement on the afore mentioned players.  Kyle Conner doesn’t get a pass either…last night on the winning goal for Florida, Conner just waved his stick and made no effort on the back check.

There are those who don’t like change and would see this as panicking…I see this as wanting to improve the team and not just “settle”.  That takes us back to the old Jets.

Complacency leads to Mediocrity

The Secret of the Jets success…by Geoff Brookes




© Geoff Brookes

Earlier in this Jets season, the team was looking for secondary scoring from its third and fourth lines. After game 7, they had yet to see an even strength goal from their bottom 6 forwards.

 Well, the Jets have found the answers!

 A key part of the solution was Kyle Conner. Since his recall from the Moose, he has been keeping up a torrid scoring pace on the top line, along with Scheifele and Wheeler. This gave Paul Maurice the luxury of deploying Perreault elsewhere in the lineup, after Matty returned from his injury. Conner is now working his way into the conversation as NHL rookie of the year.


 Maurice made a brilliant decision to put Perreault on a line with Joel Armia. Together with Matt Hendricks, this trio (? The “M&M line” ?) has played amazingly well together, often playing “keep away” in the offensive zone. Perreault and Armia both have an incredible ability to maintain control of the puck.

 And they’re scoring.

 Twice in the last 5 games, the Jets so-called fourth line has scored at critical times to narrow the lead, or tie the game. These goals changed the momentum of those games. They’ve scored 6 (!) even-strength goals scored in the last 10 games (excluding Perrault’s goal in the Ottawa game, where he played on the top line). Despite a rare bad game in Detroit, that’s a superb fourth line!

 Ehlers 1

What about the “third line”?

 Their line has scored only 3 times in the last 10 games, but one of those was a big goal – the go-ahead goal by Lowry against the Kings.  But Lowry, Tanev and Copp have been superb at controlling the play – just as good as the M&M line. The keys for the third line have been fore-checking and cycling the puck in the offensive zone.

 The Lowry line has given Maurice another strategic advantage, which we saw for the first time Monday night. Instead of matching lines with “strength against strength” – Scheifele against the opposition’s top line – the Jets called upon the Lowry line to shut down the other team’s scoring punch. This freed up Scheifele Wheeler and Conner to play against weaker opposition.


Both the Lowry line as well as the “M&M” line have had Corsi ratings hovering around 60% for the past 10 games. That means they are taking 50% more shot attempts that the opposing team did, while they were on the ice (60 vs 40, or 20/40 more shot attempts than the opposition). This is scary good.

 Despite the well-deserved recognition for the Jets’ star forwards, it is the team’s commitment to defence that has caused the massive change in the Jets’ fortunes this year. They’ve allowed only 1.65 even strength goals per game in their last 20 games (even when the “stinker” in Detroit is included).

 The Jets are now among the league’s *best* teams in preventing goals against – fifth in the NHL for goals against average.

 (Just read that sentence again, please. I know it will take a while to let that sink in).

 The Jets’ third and fourth lines can take pride in being a big part of that story, and this amazing Jets season!



homer eyes

Homer must now be a member of Steve Bannon’s secret police!!

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Thanks to some new financial support, the blog will be able to resume publishing in the next few days.

I look forward to sharing more of my writing with you…as does our Jets blogger, Geoff Brookes.

Watch for new blogs in the next few days.


In Her Own Words: Bonnie Sagriff shares the heartbreaking story of her still born son, Callum.

Chuck Duboff Bonnie is a former student of mine.  We have maintained a wonderful friendship and regularly share stories about our lives journeys.  Yesterday, Bonnie posted the following story on Facebook; as I read it, I was so over come by emotion.  I messaged Bonnie and asked if it would be alright if I posted this on today’s blog.  She was “honoured” to share Callum’s story with everyone.  I know that those who read this will send their love and prayers to Callum and Bonnie.


stillborn© Bonnie Sagriff

This time 6 years ago, I took myself to the hospital as I was labouring and worried it was too early to have the baby and wanted to be checked out. I got to the hospital and laid on that triage bed for what seemed like an eternity. Nurses came in to get the heart beat with no luck. Only to try again and again and again. Laying on one side, drinking juice you name it. I was advised to call rich and in that moment I knew, yet didn’t want to accept it. As I lay on the hospital bed alone, cold and worried I waited for rich to get there with each agonizing minute ticking by, my heart rate and blood pressure increased. Every nurse and doctor stalling biding time till I had him by my side. I relive these moments every year. I remember vividly rich walking into the triage room with a sense of panic on his face. Scared for me, scared for us. Shortly after he got there the doctor came in with the ultrasound machine and it was confirmed. The words no expecting parents want to hear. ” I’m so sorry Bonnie but there is no heart beat, your baby has passed” this was supposed to be a day of celebration for my nieces first birthday and yet it was a day and will forever be a day of mourning for me. We were brought to a room where they put a picture of a white rose on the door to symbolize we were parents of a soon to be stillborn baby. Way in the back of the labor and deliver floor. I could hear all the screams of other labouring mothers and cries of babies fresh from their mothers wombs. Each scream and each cry was like a knife in my back, a slap in the face. I laboured quietly trying to hold off the inevitable. I thought if I could just keep the baby inside just a little longer I wouldn’t have to feel the pain of losing a child or have my child born today. I just couldn’t have that happen it needed to be another day not on my beautiful nieces birthday. I bared through each agonizing contraction until
It was time to have my sweet baby. “It’s time” was quietly and peacefully uttered. I screamed “NO” I didn’t want to do this I shouldn’t have to do this. With the love and support of our family Callum was born into the world where he would know no hate, only love. Placed on my chest over my breast where my heart beat could be heard across the room. I immediately fell in love with this beautiful baby boy. He was gone to be with the lord while I lay there taking in every single detail of his little tiny body. His hair so thick and dark a little button nose and 10 fingers and toes. He was perfect. TOO perfect! My son, my angel my everything taken too soon! I will always love and honour my sweet angel!

Tomorrow he would be 6 years old at 01:10. Love you my baby! To the moon and back!!

Jets just 2 points out of first place overall in the NHL!! How has this happened?…by Chuck Duboff

Ehlers 1

© Chuck Duboff

  • Great drafting; Scheif, Trouba, Morrisey, Conner, Laine, Ehlers…all first round picks.
  • Great picks later in the draft: Lowry, Hellybucyk, Copp
  • The highway robbery trade; getting rid of the cancer whose name was Evander Kane and getting: Tyler Myers, Joel Armia, Brendan Lemieux and Jack Roslovic
  • Two great free agent signings in Matthieu Perrault and Matt Hendricks.
  • Another year of maturity.
  • The young players displaying the talent that led to their drafting.
  • Maurice and his coaches having the team prepared.
  • Our sizzling power play; found it interesting last night against Minnesota.  The Wild had 3 players surrounding Laine on the power play, which led to the pass by Wheeler to Scheif for the one timer!!
  • Ehlers taking his game to another level.
  • Getting a healthy Tyler Myers back.Morrissey
  • Josh Morrisey playing like a talented ten year vet.
  • The team not getting down when they fall behind by a goal or two.
  • The Captain…Blake Wheeler…a great player and leader.
  • The team bouncing back in a big way from a loss.
  • Great goaltending by Conner Hellybucyk.  Maybe the number one reason for our success this season.Connor-Hellebuyck
  • The Jets speed…when they are skating, few teams can keep up with them.
  • Our third line of Lowry, Tanev and Copp forechecks and smothers the other team.
  • Our so called fourth line of Hendricks, Armia and Perrault having great chemistry.
  • I dare say few fans knew much about Matt Hendricks…what an incredible addition he has been to the team.  Watching him take on the bigger Kyle Quincy last night and standing up for his teammate was awesome!!  His presence  in the locker room and on the bench is immeasurable.   Great signing Chevy.
  • Depth, depth, depth; finally when we take an injury hit, we have got great talent on the Moose and there isn’t a big drop off.
  • Mark Scheifele turning into an NHL superstar!!  What a talent.
  • Dimitri Kulakov…a solid free agent signing who has solidified our D.
  • Confidence, confidence, confidence.  With each convincing win, both the players and fans are believing that this team is for real.
  • Though he may still have the odd “Buff” brain cramp…Big Buff is playing a much sounder, less complicated game.  Also seems to be hitting more than he has in the past.

    Jets fans 1

    Can this last?

    With each convincing win, I am cautiously becoming a believer that this team is for real.  They have a system that they are following to a T and when they are skating as they are capable of, there a few teams that can match them.  Will a “market correction” happen?  It’s hard to say…travel and injuries are such huge factors; but, given what we are seeing, it’s hard to see this team falling into a protracted slump, there is simply far too much talent on this team

                                                      YOUR WINNIPEG JETS!!!

David Cassidy’s final words: “So much wasted time.” Sunday random thoughts…by Chuck Duboff



© Chuck Duboff

Katie Cassidy shared her father David Cassidy’s last words on Twitter Friday afternoon:

“Words cant express the solace our family’s received from all the love & support during this trying time. My father’s last words were ‘So much wasted time’. This will be a daily reminder for me to share my gratitude with those I love as to never waste another minute….thank you,” Katie Cassidy tweeted.


  • So much fun watching Ben’s hockey game yesterday…9/10 year olds, playing really exciting hockey!!
  • Time magazine called and said I’d probably be the Man of the Year, but I had to decline since I’ll be busy shovelling snow and slicing potatoes.


  • Listening to Matthew talk about the trip he is planning for the holidays…makes me so daymn proud.
  • Jets are in for their toughest stretch of hockey…on and off of planes, changing time zones…there’s no way we can keep up the pace we’ve been playing…but, you know, the critics, the trolls will come out…we’ve banked a lot of points, relax everyone.
  • Laine and Ben are so blessed with parents like Carly and Chris who do so very much for them…what a beautiful family.
  • Not that I’m counting, but just 79 more sleeps till Puerto Vallarta.
  • “So much wasted time.”  David Cassidy.
  • Brian Pallister: The Grinch who stole Christmas.
  • The only thing that has surprised me about Herr Trump is that he has not been impeached yet; I truly believed he’d be out of office by now.  Everything else, I saw it all coming.
  • Sad when the Russian puppet criticizes a black athlete for taking a knee, but at the same time supports an Alabama politician running for Senate who raped a 14 year old girl.
  • Threatens his wife with a loaded gun, terrible father to his boys, stated that Hitler did some good things and that there are too many blacks in the United States.  So conflicted as to why we honour a man like this.
  • Hard to believe Patrik Laine is only 19 years old.
  • Interesting observation by both Geoff and myself…Laine skates like Frank Mahovolich  did…big heavy strides.
  • Watching the pain my mom is in while trying to walk…heartbreaking.
  • Do we “grandfather” actions which we did many years ago when societies standards were so different?
  • Malcom Young passing away really shook me…it’s easy to say 64 is young, but, in fact, the body and mind start to slow down, no matter what you do.  Rest in peace Malcom…your music brought so much fun!!