My memories of Summertime in Manitoba…by Kathryn Hardy Castro


Kathryn is a former student of mine, whom I taught English to at Maples Collegiate.  She currently lives in Atlanta; in today’s blog, she shares with us her memories of summertimes in Manitoba.  Thanks for the memories Kathryn.  © Chuck Duboff 


© Kathryn Hardy Castro

For me, it always began the first morning that I felt gravel crunch underfoot and could see pavement again.  I know technically it was just the start of spring, but it held the promise that summer would be there soon.


 When I was young, summer was spent on my bike, riding around the Maples, going from friends house to friends house, stopping periodically at 7/11 for a Slurpee. It was all about being outside, from the moment we woke until it was too dark to see. 


As I got older, our mode of transportation changed, but not the goal-to be with friends,  soaking up the sun in various parts of the city. Cruising around Kildonan Park, walking/shopping our way through Osborne Village (with an iced coffee from The Roasting House), laying out at The Forks. At night it was  bonfires at Little Mountain Park, drinking beer that our older friends bought and listening to The Hip.


There’s a feeling about summer in Manitoba,  something indescribable.  Knowing that the darkness and heaviness of winter is over and that we had survived another one. That’s always a reason to celebrate. 


3 thoughts on “My memories of Summertime in Manitoba…by Kathryn Hardy Castro

  1. Kathyrn, very nice of you to contribute to Chuck’Blog and your memories of “summertime” in Manitoba. See you are now in Atlanta, so you might be interested in the fact Mother Nature has not been all that co-operative with SUMMER type weather up here this year. Enjoyed your story!


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