Saturday Morning Random Thoughts 20



©Chuck Duboff

  • Thunderstorms out here in Falcon from 2 in the aft until 7:30 last night.
  • Have never seen so much water everywhere out here…the Marina is flooded over
  • Mosquitoes the size of jet airplanes…and in massive quantities


  • Geoff and I continue to be so excited by the number of people viewing our sight…we passed 9000 views yesterday and this morning sit at 9116 views since this blog was launched on January 30th.  Thank you.  I know for both Geoff and I, it inspires our writing.
  • Ziggy Marley tickets for October!!  Awesome!  Never got a chance to see his dad, but I know how very much Ziggy brings the same kind of energy and love to his music.
  • Getting pretty dark out here again as I write…coffee and Supertramp’s Crime of the Century playing…and hopefully a nice long hike after this.
  • Had an interesting discussion with Goldeyes GM Andrew Collier about the fun associated with Independent Baseball and the lack of “baseball fun” in the majors.  May write a blog about that.
  • The following picture is that of Goldeyes outfielders Reggie Abercrombie, Ray Sadler, Donnie Webb and Josh Mazzola goofing around before the game…two 34 year olds still enjoying baseball.  They broke their huddle and jumped up in the air!!


  • Not surprised by how much I am enjoying the World Cup…I know I got hooked on Futbol while living in Cancun for six months.  Those players are so talented…it really is something to watch!!
  • Feeling a reading day today…have got two Hemmingway books out here with me.
  • If i had any kind of handyman skills…would I ever consider buying a cabin out here…I could live out here…set up my big screen, surround sound and Apple TV…and it would be Jets hockey from the cabin.  Speaking of the Jets…
  • …what was that you asked?  What do Andrew Ladd and Dustin Byfuglien do during the summer?



One thought on “Saturday Morning Random Thoughts 20

  1. aA blog on Independent Baseball would be a real good read from what you have seen and having talked with Andrew, it would be a great article for you to do.
    Believe the fishermen would have to release that one back into the water as it looks like a sturgeon and it is probably older than Buff & Ladd’s combined ages..
    Congrats to both you and Geoff for all the viewers you have following The Blog.


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