Excerpt from the Short Story: The Steps were Treacherous…by Chuck Duboff

©Chuck Duboff

It wasn’t expected that fortunes would suddenly change.  Certainly each step along the way had been executed to perfection; there had been meticulous preparations made, and given the white noise surrounding the ideas inception, success was all but a certainty. Yet, the sudden twist of fate unravelled a lifetime of planning.

The gusting winds swirled, while the sun fought its way through the dark clouds; the ledge looked ominous, the ice cold waters of the lake stared at him, as he sat there pondering the plan.  The idea had first come to mind as a child; he recalled many a day navigating the trails of the parks he visited, contemplating the idea, wondering if in fact it was even realistic.  The seed had been planted and stayed with him throughout his life.

He was taken aback by the suddenness with which the details of the plan had unravelled.  Certainly he had considered every possibility, hadn’t he? The many years of preparation had allowed him to think both inside and outside the box, considering any possible way in which the plan could fail.  There hadn’t been any rushing; others had been innocently consulted on variables which may affect its execution; exacting simulations produced positive results.  It was time; the plan was ready.



The crashing thunder brought him back to his senses; “what now?” he pondered, as the sheets of cold rain pounded down on him. The suns appearance had been brief, and the dark skies, swirling winds and ice cold rain, spoke to the harsh conditions which existed with in his mind.  “What now?”  The pounding in his head, the revisiting of every detail, the expectation of success, left him shaking.  He tried to stand up, but a sudden dizziness over took him; where was he? what would he do? why had it suddenly changed course? whom could he talk to?


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