It’s been a long, long time since we’ve had quarterbacking like this Bomber fans!!

I go back to the days of Kenny Ploen…my boyhood Bomber hero…all he did was win Grey Cups for the Bombers. My frame of reference for solid Bomber quarterbacking would be:

Kenny Ploen
Don Jonas
Dieter Brock
Tom Clements
John Hufnagel
Tom Burgess
Khari Jones

My question…is it too early to add Drew Willy’s name to that list?…After six games, it would seem that Willy has the poise, confidence and intellect to be knocking on the door of A-List Bomber QB’s. Here’s hoping it continues next week against Saskatchewan! Two game winning, last minute drives by Willy has the legend growing!!

Willy Winniing




Tom Clements Winnipeg Blue Bombers 1987. Photo F. Scott Grant

John Hufnagel Winnipeg Blue Bombers quarterback.

Tom Burgess Winnipeg Blue Bombers 1991. Photo F. Scott Grant



2 thoughts on “It’s been a long, long time since we’ve had quarterbacking like this Bomber fans!!

  1. Very exciting times to be a Blue Bomber fan!!! One thing we know already, because Willy’s already shown it – he has the poise. Time will tell whether he has the overall effectiveness of the legends. But he definitely has the poise.

    What an absolutely amazing last minute drive, last night! There was some debate on twitter and the 1290 post-game show about the nature of that game-ending touchdown. Was it a “hail mary” – a fluke? Or was it a well-conceived play that went entirely according to the script?

    When you analyze the play, it looks more like a well-scripted, well-executed play, and not a fluke. As others have noted, the only other receiver in that area of the field was Clarence Denmark, and he did a masterful job of positioning himself between his cover man and Grigsby/the ball. Grigsby made a cut and raced to that corner of the field – he beat his man. Will made the pass the only way he could be sure that only Grigsby could reach the ball. In fact, it was a perfectly thrown ball, and undoubtedly precisely the way they would have drawn it up.

    This group of Blue Bombers knows how to make plays – not just Drew Willy but the entire team.

    It’s definitely not to early to declare that I love this team! If O’Shea can keep them playing like that, it’s going to be a whole lot of fun! 🙂


  2. Willy is for sure looking like a wise choice but see how the season goes before adding him to your list, but right now, Mr. Calm & Cool & Composed, back there..


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