I am too broken to be fixed…by MICHELINE JEAN LOUIS.

What a very interesting fellow blogger/writer, MICHELINE JEAN LOUIS…this poem speaks to so many emotions…in her archives you can find a lot of very interesting writing…check out her Blog.

The Mind of Micheline



Every morning I cringed at the sight of the rising sun

Why can it not remain dark forever?

Why am I being force to deal with these ugly

Scars that marred my soul, why must I deal with a

Life that has shown me no kindness

Every night I am plague with the thoughts of seeing another day

If only I was not such a coward, if only I was strong enough

To end this breath they call life.

Oh do not be shock, nor give me your pity

And don’t patronize me by offering me sympathies

They will do no justice to the horror’s that has become

My bedfellow, I am too broken to be fix.

I am too weak to keep fighting a war that I did not create.

At one point I did fight like hell trying to capture life

But that was until I realized…

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