Twelve Years a Slave…a necessary history lesson.

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Twelve Years a Slave, reviewed.


Chiwetel Ejiofor stars as Solomon Northup, a freeman who was kidnapped and made to work on a plantation as a slave, in New Orleans, in the 1800s.  This true story, based on Northup’s memoirs, is bold in its depiction of the life black people faced; at times difficult to watch, director Steve McQueen is blunt in his portrayal of slavery in the deep south.

We are pleasantly surprised early in the movie, as Solomon is a freeman living “the good life.”  We wonder why and how long this will last; and much to the viewers horror, Northup is captured and physically and psychologically turned into a slave.  He endures the verbal berating, the brutal whippings and the dehumanizing treatment by his owners.  Michael Fassbender  is haunting, and yet outstanding, in his portrayal of Edwin Epps, slave owner and the…

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