Saturday Morning Random Thoughts.

– Congratulations to the Winnipeg Goldeyes for winning the North Division title with ten days still left in the season. This looks like a well-balanced lineup, with very few holes and a team that really has fun playing together. Here’s hoping they can maintain their momentum during these next ten days.
Goldeyes champs
-That was some kinda storm on Thursday night…could feel it coming in the afternoon; couldn’t see out my 8th floor condo windows for nearly an hour; amazing pix of cars stranded in underpasses, people swimming down streets…
-As I was sharing with my friend Deanna yesterday, there is a 100% correlation in the number of views of this blog when blogs regarding Aboriginal people and their plight are written; the number of views dramatically drops every single time. Fodder for some serious discussion.
-As I wrote in the poem A City Divided; as long as people have their Bread & Circuses, they don’t want to be bothered by “some native girl who was probably a hooker on drugs and I’m tired of all their problems”.
-It is the lack of compassion for other Human Beings which inspired my Human Rights work…it is the distasteful manner in which others look down upon the Tina Fontaines of the world that disgusts me.
Tina Fontaine
-We criticize Americans for what is going on in Ferguson, Mo., and pretend like we are so much better; we are just better at hiding our racist attitudes beneath the surface.
-Friday Night Lights…what a great series; not just football, but a show that tackles social issues and the pressures of high school life. And…for those who watch Friday Night Lights and are Bomber fans…tell me, does Matt Saracen not look like a clone of Drew Willy…looks, mannerisms, speech…it’s freaky. Did you know that the actor who plays Tim Riggins is Canadian?
-Nice win by the Bombers last night; I noticed Maurice Legget in training camp…he had been the KC Chiefs rookie of the year several years ago…nice signing by Kyle Walters and our scouting department. (that’s Mo Leggett in the first pic in warm-ups last night)
-I really, really, wanted to like our new uniforms…but, they are brutal…i am a jersey buying goof, but, that looks like an Argos uniform and i have zero interest in getting one. 
-Way to stand up to Mr. Harper, Greg Selinger. Last year, ALL THE PREMIERS OF CANADA, including Conservative premiers, unanimously asked for an inquiry into the violence against Aboriginal Women.
-Had a very special afternoon on Wednesday…playing in the pool with Laine and Ben for a couple of hours and having Matt walk over and spend time with us; they sure do love their Uncle…and it was with so much pride I watched the three of them joking around together…one very proud dad.
-so very proud of Carly getting Ben and Laine to make 50th Anniversary cards for our friend, and former Winnipeg Jet goalie, Joe Daley and his wife. The sparkle in Joe’s eyes when he saw the kids was priceless…
-That was some kind of accident while exercising Monday…wow; still hurts.
-A special shout out to my good friend and mentor, Al Bryski…thanks for the game the other night pal…meant a lot.


Tina 2


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