Favourite Camping Memories…by Geoff Brookes

©Geoff Brookes

Favourite Camping Memories

Waking up in the night, at Rushing River (North-western Ontario), to witness the amazing night sky. There is nothing in this world as amazing as billions of stars on a perfectly clear night. You can actually see the milky way clearly, without the background light from the city.

Walking with the fireflies on a summer evening in early July – at Rushing River, and at Victoria Beach. The sense of wonderment at the diversity of nature, where simple creatures alternate between darkness and bioluminescence, while in flight.
rushing river

The rugged beauty of the Canadian shield, at Rushing River. Campsites as diverse as the shield itself. Walking amongst the giants of nature – massive rock hills “resting” in pools of blue water.

Clear lake – beautiful walks and bike rides among pine forests, beside turquoise water. Walking with our dog, amongst hundreds of other dogs. It seems like Winnipeggers walk their dogs at Clear Lake every summer. Catching an outdoor concert by the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, right next to the lake.
clear lake

Ice cream, at the lake, on a hot summer day.

Walking through the headwaters of the Mississippi River at Lake Itasca Minnesota. Riding bikes. Driving by the huge river just a few miles downstream.

Swimming at Grand Beach, or at St. Malo, or Victoria Beach.

Summer in Manitoba, and points just beyond!

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