Saturday Morning, not Random Thoughts…dedicated to all my great friends.


– Thank You…to all of you…Thank you.
– To a very special friend out in BC…an RCMP officer…your encouragement, support, advice and insistence on texting me all through yesterday’s interview and report…I can’t thank you enough…without your help, I don’t know that I could have taken that big step.
– 24/7 You are an amazing, amazing, amazing, friend.
– Al…you were my mentor as a student teacher ages and ages ago; somehow when I was teaching in Mexico, we reconnected on Facebook…and since then, not only have you been a great mentor, but a true friend who would do anything to help…and ALWAYS, ALWAYS, be there to make things right.
– To everybody…I can’t list everybody, because I know I would forget someone…from friends down in Atlanta, Cancun, Denver, BC, Miami, Spain…and of course, everybody here in Winnipeg…your support and encouragement gave me the strength I needed to hang on and finally, finally take the action which I should have taken many months ago.
– But…it is done.
– Slept 11 1/2 hours last night.
Time to start breathing and living life again.
– Here’s hoping the Goldeyes take care of Lincoln this weekend and I can actually go to a Goldeyes championship game and relax and enjoy myself.
– Finally looking forward to going and enjoying the Bombers beat the Riders tomorrow.

– To the Winnipeg Police Department, Domestic Violence Unit…you guys were great; were concerned for my safety and not for even a nanosecond did I feel like I was doing something wrong; you validated my concerns and told me I had every right to feel scared; stalkers, like terrorists, try to instil fear in their victim. Here’s hoping that you were able to get the message across very clearly and this is the end of the one year nightmare!!

Time to start breathing, living and enjoying life again!!

24/7…blessed to have a great friend like you!!


Geoff and i


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