“Specialness”. A very special poem for his daughter Courtney…by Geoff Brookes.

This is a very special poem…my great friend Geoff wrote this as a tribute to his wonderful daughter Courtney…if you didn’t read it when we first published it, take a couple of moments to read it. A very special young lady.

Chuck and Geoff's Eclectic Blog

Courtney 1


She handles fork with focused mind,
Slowly, while her siblings race.
I ask her if it tastes alright.
She’s smiling, “Yeah! It tastes great!”

Her bicycle has three large wheels.
Her confidence has grown with time.
She loves to pedal fast downhill –
Even up a small incline.

She’s saddest when her siblings fight –
Her face melts downward at the sound,
We cannot bear her crumpled face,
or watch her tears fall to the ground.

Courtney 2

She brightens every day with joy,
Sparkling eyes of purest light.
Teases, laughs, and cheers for us,
We must avail – she makes it right.

And so, if slower pace she sets,
Or states her point a dozen times,
We train our minds to bear along
Repeating paths that seem to climb.

We cannot trace her source of glee,
So freely given to all who care.
We wonder at the irony –

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