Jets Flightpath, Vol ii, September 22…by Geoff Brookes

Jets Flightpath,
Monday September 22, 2014


(c) Geoff Brookes

It’s Jets game day!!!

How long have we waited to say those words?

168 days is the precise answer. Almost half a year.

Guess what? They’re back tonight, at the MTS Centre!

I sense an excitement this year that is greater than any preseason since the year that the Jets came back. Fans are talking about the Jets with enthusiasm again. It’s not an excitement based on expectations of being a contender this year. It’s something else – a feeling that this team is finally – finally – resembling a creation of True North. The players that we have here have either been signed by True North in the past 3 1/2 years, or even drafted by True North.

This is True North’s team. This is Kevin Cheveldayoff’s team.


And, when the puck drops for the regular season on October 9 – somewhat ironically in Glendale, Arizona – this will be Paul Maurice’s team.

Listen to the interviews with the players on the Jets website. They know who’s in charge. And it ain’t any of the players. I don’t think we’ll be hearing any griping or chirping from the players under “the dread pirate Mo”, as I’ve dubbed him.

For myself, I’m so very excited to see the young players that the Jets have drafted and, in some cases, simply discovered (hello Michael Hutchinson). Credit the Jets organization, please. They’re pretty good talent scouts, and based on what we’ve seen so far, it looks like they’ve drafted fairly well.

I’m a fairly lucky guy. Along with Chuck, I’m a member of a great group of people that share Jets season tickets. And I get to go to the game tonight!

I know that only some of the young players will be dressed tonight. I’ll get one more preseason game in next week, so hopefully I’ll get to see most of the young guns, between those 2 games. I posted the list of great young players in the last Jets Flightpath, but a few of the “must sees” would include Ehlers, Morrissey, Lowry, Petan and Kosmachuck. I know there’s a whole bunch more, but that’s enough for me to get excited about right now.


I’m looking forward to seeing:

-Kane playing with Scheifele and Wheeler (!)
-Byfuglien – looking really good. Looks like he’s really slimmed down. Can’t wait to see him skating up the ice with the puck, driving the defenders crazy, like it was a game of shinny.
-Ehlers – can he make his magic work in the world of the pro’s?
-Morrissey – can he show that hockey IQ that must be his calling card?
-Lowry – can he skate with these guys? He sure would look good on this team, like a modern John Ferguson.

There’s been a lot of fun things in the past week – first day of training camp, and the Jets fan day, to name a couple.

But when the puck drops tonight, the pure joy of hockey season begins again!



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