Speaker’s Corner…the Three Most Influential People in your Life.


This week we would like to share with you the three people whom each of us feel has had the most influence on our lives.


1. JRR Tolkein: I think his creation of middle earth, and the Lord of the Rings, has so much to say about life.

2. John Botkin: A very kind and wise person, who was the former pastor at Church of the Way…I was so moved by the way he works with the navigators at the U of M.

3. Martin Luthor: Because he declared that the Bible was for All people and should be available to All people in their own language and because he declared all people to have a direct relationship with God,not necessary for mediation through a priest or a religious authority.

J  R  R Tolkien


1. Nelson Mandela: reading his book, Long Road to Freedom, three times, opened my eyes and heart to my passion for Human Rights.

2. Derek Jeter: more so the man, than the athlete. The class and integrity and manner in which he carried/carries himself, can and should be a guidepost for all.

3. Geoff Brookes: I truly never imagined that there are people like Geoff in this world; the dignity, caring and wisdom he exudes… has brought great understanding to my life. As an example of the kind of man Geoff is: he gave up going to a Jets game last evening because he has offered to come with me to the service for Lisa on Friday evening. He didn’t want to be out for three nights in a row and felt it was more important to be at the service to support me than to go to the game last night. He never knew Lisa, but he knows what the impact of her loss has had on me. This is a friend, a Man, a mensch…this is how we should all live our lives.

4. Bob Dylan: With apologies to the title of this Blog…I could not have a list of the most influential people in my life without including Bob Dylan; his music, his insightful words, his attitude towards authority, during the amazing decade of the ’60’s, during my teenage years, Dylan really shaped my attitudes towards so much in life. The Times They are a Changin’ came to be not only the anthem of my generation…but my anthem.


Now, we would like for you to share with us, the three people who have had a great influence on your life; just go to the comments section and be a part of Speakers’ Corner. Even if you don’t want to share, take a moment to read what others have contributed.


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