Saturday Morning Random Thoughts…September 27, 2014

@Chuck Duboff

– Karma, thou art a master; had a beautiful family dinner Thursday evening celebrating Rosh Hashona…left when everybody else did…walked back into the condo to see the 9th inning of the Captain’s last game at Yankee Stadium…and to see more Derek Jeter magic…that only Hollywood could have scripted.


– It’s going to be a long, long time before we see another Derek Jeter…the class, dignity, respect he showed for the game, the fans…feel blessed to have watched his whole career. Jerseys, rookie cards, autograph…will always remind me of the purity of the game. Thank you for injecting that love of baseball back into me Mr. Jeter.

These past 7 days: 1296 reads of our blog…Geoff and I are both humbled and in awe of the popularity of this Blog. Thank you, thank you, thank you so very much for taking the time to read our writings.

– While in a calm, peaceful place yesterday, preparing for last evening, I went for a long walk in the beautiful weather…took this shot of the Manitoba Legislative Grounds…

The Leg grounds

– Though only at 6-6, Drew Willy is the kind of talent and leader at QB we have been lacking for decades…go get ’em tonight Drew…you have a great future in front of you!!

Summer 12

– So great watching all the young talent that the Jets system is starting to produce…I can see Lowrey and Morrisey staying with the big club, Ben Charriot close..and both Nick Petan and Nicholas Ehlers going down for one more year of seasoning…both Laine and Ben are so excited watching Nick Ehlers…we got to meet him at the rookie camp back in July…what a great young man.

Summer 15

– sometimes there are weird things that happen in life that we just have no explanation for my friend…they were just weird…things that make you shake your head and go: Huh????

– IOS8…brutal, just brutal…the phone can be fully charged and within just a couple of hours…needs recharging…really Apple…that’s the best you can do?

– I can’t thank Geoff enough for coming with to Lisa’s service last evening…just as a friend to support me…he never knew Lisa…but, through a beautiful service got to know the woman I knew…thank you Geoff…your friendship is a true blessing.

– speaking of Geoff…he has inspired me to reread Lord of the Rings…the whole trilogy…it’s been many a year since I’ve read it from beginning to end…but, once this beautiful weather heads south for the winter…I will embrace Mr. Tolkein’s brilliant writing.

J  R  R Tolkien

– been in a Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, JRR Tolkein kinda mood this past week…that’s a good thing.

– enjoy this beautiful weather today…and tell all those you love…those who make your life what it is…how very much they matter to you. You never know when some simple words will lift up someone’s day.


One thought on “Saturday Morning Random Thoughts…September 27, 2014

  1. It really has been an amazing week in Winnipeg! Even if the weather changes to something more seasonal, I hope this “good karma” lasts for a long time.

    It was an honour and a privilege to be with Chuck at Lisa’s funeral. I didn’t know her, but I feel like I know her a little bit after the funeral. What a beautiful celebration and remembrance of her life!

    Going to enjoy another beautiful day in Winnipeg!


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