A lifelong New York Yankees fan talks about The Captain…Derek Jeter.

I wrote this back on February 13th after the Captain announced this would be his last season. Well, it’s over today…Thank you Captain for representing all that is good about baseball.

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Wednesday afternoon, February 12, 2014.  Derek Jeter announces that this will be his final season playing professional baseball.  He will conclude his career playing shortstop for the only team he has ever played for, the New York Yankees.  Simple, non descriptive, unemotional statement, mixed in with all the other transactions which occur on a daily basis in the world of sports.

However, that would be such a disservice to Mr. Jeter.  He is so much greater than all the great statistics he has accrued over his long career; so much more than the five World Series titles that he led the New York Yankees to.  Derek Jeter epitomizes all that is good in sports.  When sports sections are filled with athletes facing murder charges…

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