A City Divided….New Poetry by Chuck Duboff

Much has been written this past week regarding the divide which exists in Winnipeg…the haves and have nots…One mayoral candidate is a poster child for what ails this city…Gord Steeves doesn’t attend any mayoral forums which in any way discuss social issues or take place anywhere in the north end…all he does is make disgusting comments, which only inflame the tensions which exist. I wrote this poem back on August 21st and believe it really speaks to what is happening in our city.

Chuck’s Eclectic Blog.

© Chuck Duboff

Awe Inspiring Mansion,
Elegant Party,
Bejewelled Ladies,
Suave Men,
Sparkling Diamonds,
Portfolios discussed,
Majestic Art Collections
Boasted about…
The peasantry,

cardboard homes…
beneath bridges,
flickering fires…
brief heat,
empty eyes
hoping for…
five more minutes.
their wish
something, anything
to escape.

Any city,
Any where,
The haves
The have nots,
Abject poverty,
Gilded, joyous lives
Broken, sad journeys.

Tears shed


A City Divided.
Do We Care?


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