Saturday Morning Random Thoughts…co-written by Geoff and Chuck

(c) Geoff Brookes

The forecast for today is 16 degrees Celsius! Looking forward to being outside in the sunshine! In early September, when the weather was unseasonably cool, I would never have guessed that we would have had such a nice fall. The leaves are still on the trees, and the fall colours are beautiful!

So excited about the Winnipeg Jets. What a great season opening win on the road in “Arizona”. Great to hear the ubiquitous Winnipeg Jets fans cheering the team on to victory – 2,000 miles from Winnipeg! Winnipeg has the best hockey fans anywhere. It looked (and sounded) like there were thousands of Jets fans in Glendale. With a tip of the hat to our season ticket group friend, Jeremy, I listened for the “True North” shout during the Canadian national anthem, and there it was!

Did you know that the Winnipeg Jets have the 2nd tallest team in the NHL, and the 4th heaviest? Quite a change from our first season, when our lineup included Kyle Wellwood and Tim Stapleton. With the speed that our team has, and that size, Coach Maurice’s forechecking system should be effective – and it worked like a charm in the victory over the Coyotes. Tonight’s game against the San Jose Sharks will be a great test.

Did you ever think that there’s a strange rhythm and karma to life? The other day my Dad and I were working on an accounting project together. We were making a list of points for discussion in a meeting. Working independently, we prepared our own lists. When we compared notes, we each had 17 points for discussion. What are the odds of that happening?


Another weird karma moment – I learned a few days ago, talking with my adult daughter, that she had written a poem during one of the many daytime workshop performances of the Winnipeg Folk Festival. The funny thing was that I had also written a poem at the very same moment of the same performance! But I hadn’t know that until just this past week. Steve Bell says that he believes that songwriting is really the process of recording a wave of inspiration that happens to be flowing near you. It involves being sensitive to the presence of this inspiration, so as to not let it simply fly by you, undetected; perhaps lost forever, or perhaps captured by another artist.

Well, if Steve Bell is right, my daughter and I must both have been listening for the inspiration that day!

Here is my poem from that day. It is a reflection on the importance of remembering the days of sunshine in our lives, saving the warmth from those moments for the winter days in our lives, when we need them to warm us up.

Summer Sun

Summer sun, late afternoon,
Beguiling dance for trumpet’s tune.
Leaping light for drummer’s beat,
The singer’s voice cajoles our feet.
The trombone’s dappling solstice rays
Are lowered as the voice is raised,
The band’s eternal joy expressed.
The maddened celebrants will rest
Only in the winter vale,
When darkness hears the winter’s tale,
To warm with draught of joyous ale.

© Chuck Duboff

– Since Lisa’s passing, Leonard Cohen’s music has been my solace.
– What fun that was watching the Jets beat Arizona so handily in the season opener.
– As Matthew and I were saying yesterday…nature has a way of saying: six billion people is too much for this planet to handle…the Ebola virus is nature’s way of correcting man’s mistakes.
– Read the Plague by Albert Camus.
– Blake Wheeler has superstar written all over him.

Blake Wheeler

– Have read this in two different places: Two never ending wars ahead of us: ISIS and Ebola.
– Not sure what it is about Friday Night Lights…watching the series now for the third time.
– The Bombers nosedive this season, from a 5-1 start, has been so discouraging; other organizations, even those with unstable ownership and in a constant state of flux, seem to be able to rebuild over night…the Bombers, 24 seasons and counting.
– Love seeing teams like Kansas City and Baltimore playing late into October…I love my Yankees…but, nice seeing small market teams have a chance.
– Feeling terrible, terrible, terrible guilt…not having been able to help, to save Lisa…wish I could have gotten through, to have helped her. Miss you terribly Lisa…it is so difficult going down to the gym every morning. How is that ice-cream my friend?
– Though we were both sick…it was so much fun watching Laine most of the day on Wednesday.
– Let’s go Jets; make it 2-0 tonight.
– Amazing…for all those who wanted Evander Kane traded…how worried everybody is right now about his injury.
– Thanks 24/7…one constant…one person out there who can be trusted.


5 thoughts on “Saturday Morning Random Thoughts…co-written by Geoff and Chuck

  1. Re your comment on Evander Kane, I laughed out loud when I read that! 🙂

    Re Lisa – that’s so terribly hard. It’s tempting (and far too easy) to call her passing “tragic”, but I know from having been at the celebration of life that she made a wonderful impact on so many people’s lives – including yours. She is so clearly and so sadly missed, in every sense that I can imagine for that word – “missed”. I can’t really think of a word that conveys this properly and fully. It might require a poem to convey this, instead of one or two words, which seem so inadequate.


  2. Chuck you can’t blame yourself for Lisa’s death. There likely was nothing you could have done to stop her, no matter how hard you try. Once someone has made that decision there is no stopping them. Short of having them involuntarily committed to the hospital, but you would have to know that they were on that edge and others never do. It’s easy for me to say this, but I do understand where you are coming from. It’s easy for us to play the “what if….” card but that makes your grief and inability to put it behind you all that much more difficult and painful.


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