Ebola: Ethical dilemmas to ponder


The Centre for Disease Control stated yesterday that without a quick resolution to the Ebola outbreak in the next two months…there will be as many as 10,000 new cases a month with 70% of those patients passing away.

The ethical questions begin:

How will priorities be set for urgently needed drugs that are in short supply? Will one or two high profile American cases receive priority over thousands of patients throughout the world?

Why is so much attention being paid to one or two individuals in the United States, when thousands are dying in Africa?

Do we close the borders to countries?

Will there be a shut down of international travel of any form?

What do we do with the dead bodies?

Is it fair to ask soldiers to battle the Ebola virus?

These are only a few random questions…there are many, many more ethical dilemmas which will arise.


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