Saturday Morning Random Thoughts…reflections on a sobering week; October 25, 2015

© Chuck Duboff

– what a week that was.

– that was incredibly emotional singing O’ Canada at last night’s Jets game…take a moment to watch this:

– not surprised that Judy lost the race for Mayor of Winnipeg, however, the magnitude of the win by Bowman was impressive.

– thank you to all who take the time to read our Blog; yesterday we passed 17,000 views…most of our blogs are very personal…and both Geoff and I thank you for following our ramblings, opining and the fun we have writing.

– this is going to be a very, very long winter of Jets hockey folks; if you didn’t read my blog from last Tuesday, take a few moments to read this…I believe, it sums up the state of our Jets:

– watching the shooting spree in the halls of the Parliament Buildings, looked like a scene from White House Down.

– I can admit that this past week was as emotional as I have ever gotten for soldiers and the military; both innocent men caught in the crossfires of a world gone mad…may you both, Rest in Peace:


– this is the Canada I am proud of…after an ugly incident at a Mosque in Cold Lake, Alberta…the residence stood up and said: NO, this is not who we are!!! As a community they all pitched in and cleaned the Mosque!!

– the KC Royals…only two wins away from the World Series…that is sweet…especially for Jets fans…being able to see the draft and develop plan actually work.

– I am quite prepared to give Brian Bowman a chance; I would call him middle of the road politically and see many ideas I can buy into; his youth and positive attitude are refreshing.

– and another horrible Bomber season plods along tonight; 24 seasons and counting

– in the midst of the shooting spree in Ottawa, the attacks from ISIS across North America, the spread of Ebola, six dead babies found in a storage facility, more school shootings…it felt so good on Wednesday knowing I would be picking up Laine and Ben from school…and like an old grandfather…I just sat on the bench and watched the innocence, joy and smiles as they played for an hour on the playground…unaware of the madness which is overtaking this world.

photo (10)


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