Saturday Morning Random Thoughts. November 8th.


© Chuck Duboff

– That was the most exciting Jets game since the return of our team; the Jets demonstrated that they weren’t intimidated…that has not been seen in three seasons and 13 games. I’d much rather win a game 2-1 than lose 6-5…the scoring will come, but this system Maurice has them playing is instilling confidence.

– Almost at that point where each day without snow is one less day of winter. I’ll take sunshine and cold without snow…anytime.

– Then again…only 66 days until Playa del Carmen.

– Not sure if you are reading this blog this morning…but, thank you Shawna for the talk the past few days; I know it’s been a difficult time for you and your family, but when you verbalize that you know that Lisa is in a better place, it helps. Have a peaceful holiday and I look forward to getting together when you get back.

– It truly is amazing that when a good, wholesome gesture is put forward, there will always be one person who points out the negative. I’m proud that I was able to sell my ticket for the Jets-Pens game, sit back and enjoy it on TV, all the while taking the money from the sale of the ticket and helping out those in need at the Klinic Community Crisis Centre…for that I will never apologize. Actions speak louder than words.

good deeds

– I believe that Greg Selinger has made a selfish decision which will inevitably bring down the NDP. Had he resigned with dignity, there may still have been time for the NDP to rescue itself, but with each day that passes, an inept Brian Pallister is salivating at the thought of being Premier.

– Some great, well written dramas on network television right now: Blacklist, Law and Order SVU, Scandal, Gracepoint, Blue Bloods, The Good Wife, Madame Secretary.

– Saturday’s work out plan: 20 minutes treadmill, 20 minutes elliptical, 20 minutes bike, 10 minutes abs. Love it!!

– I think the Jets buying into Paul Maurice’s system is a huge factor in their improvement; and I gladly say this: but, I also think that Evander Kane’s return from injury has been a significant factor also…he is playing with passion and seems quite happy. He is a force when he is on his game!!


– This world needs a Day of Peace.

– It’s that time of year when holiday music starts…my go to music during the holiday season: Jethro Tull’s Minstrel in the Gallery, John Lennon, The Beatles, Supertramp, any 24/7 station that plays Christmas music, sprinkled in with some Latin music to warm me up for my holiday…and Bob Marley.

jetro tull

– Love watching Jacob Trouba play hockey!! It is truly amazing that he is only 20 years old…what a future he has!


– Take a moment on November 11th to remember those who fought for our freedom.


One thought on “Saturday Morning Random Thoughts. November 8th.

  1. Yes, I did read this Chuck (: and every time you mention Lisa it gives me joy because I know she impacted peoples’ lives. Something has to come from her death, and I’m seeing that there is. And there is more to come. Just wait!


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