Saturday Morning Random Thoughts…November 25th.

© Chuck Duboff

– Lifelong supporter of the NDP, but so disappointed and upset with what Greg Selinger is doing to the party and the manner in which he is treating the Gang of Five. I expect to see Theresa Oswald win the leadership in March.

– Meanwhile in Ottawa, Stephen Harper supports the military and getting Canada involved in battles around the world; yet, when our veterans come home they are met with a Veterans Affairs Department which has its funds regularly cut by Harper. Hypocrisy thy name art Stephen Harper.


– Looking forward to taking Laine to the Jets game Sunday afternoon…feel so blessed to be able to take my kids to games; had you told me ten years ago that I’d be taking my grandchildren to Jets games, that would have seemed so unlikely with neither existing at the time.

john fogherty

– Had a great time at the John Fogherty concert; all the CCR hits and some awesome jamming on stage with his band…his drummer, Kenny Aranoff, was amazing!! Fogherty, 69 years old and still rockin!!!

– The Jets are playing confident, disciplined hockey and with that are competitive every game. The young players on this team: Mark Scheifele, Jacob Trouba, Adam Lowrey, Michael Hutchinson, Paul Postma, Zach Bagosian…the foundation of a great future for this team.


– I have mentioned how very much I don’t like winter!!! If not for my kids…Carly, Matt, Chris, Laine and Ben…this boy would be a beach bum living on Isla Mujares…BUT, those five are a great reason to be living in the frozen northland.

– Sometimes we don’t understand why things happen until we have the advantage of hindsight years later…to have experienced those two traumatic events in a ten day period is something that I am still processing, nearly three months later.

– The one area that the Jets have to upgrade is their fourth line; in 21 games, the five players who have played on that line have got a grand total of one assist.

– Geoff and I find it amazing that since January 29th of this year…we have had 18,150 views of our Blog and 481 regular followers. The support, encouragement and feedback we get motivates us on a daily basis. Thank you to all of our readers.

– Got into a nice discussion with my mom about Bill Cosby (she brought the subject up); she still holds onto the 1950’s values that women are second class citizens…and she felt sorry for Bill Cosby…just blew my mind away..I told her I didn’t have an ounce of sympathy for him. I think after about ten minutes of talking she started to get it…just because that’s how it was back in the ’50’s doesn’t make it right; women weren’t supposed to speak up, children weren’t supposed to speak up, abuse in all forms was just tolerated. When I said to her: what if you found out that a neighbour of yours, whom you got along with, turned out to be a former Nazi…how would you feel? Well, that opened her eyes up. I said: just because slavery was tolerated, doesn’t mean that it was right!! These women who are finally speaking up about Cosby deserve to have their experience heard. Society has evolved and this kind of behaviour can’t be tolerated!! Adrian Peterson, Bill Cosby, Jian Ghomeshi, Woody Allen…John Doe…doesn’t matter who you are…women and children deserve to be treated with respect!!


– If you didn’t get a chance to read this article about the City of Winnipeg, take a couple of minutes to find out what a great city we have; we have such a negative self-image…this story really shows what a special city Winnipeg is:


One thought on “Saturday Morning Random Thoughts…November 25th.

  1. Great blog today Chuck, especially your comments on Bill Cosby, and all the related comments . How very true, and what an important thought.

    Also agree 100% re Harper, and cuts to veteran’s affairs. We need to support our veterans, and our current members of the armed forces. We can debate (and should debate!) what roles they are asked to play, but those are not the decisions that they get to make! They absolutely deserve our full support and gracious thanks.

    Great blog!


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