Best of 2014: This letter to Bruce Springsteen got an incredible number of reads and response!!

BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN: A letter, sign and pix from your fans in Winnipeg.

The Boss rockin' The River last night in Atlanta.

The Boss rockin’ The River last night in Atlanta.





© Chuck Duboff and all your Winnipeg Fans



All your fans here in Winnipeg appreciate you taking the time to read this note; you have a large and incredible group of loyal fans in the ‘peg!!

You have yet to honour us with a show and we want to take a few minutes of your time to convince you, the E-Street Band, and your management team, to come and rock our great city!!

Winnipeg is Rock!! Neil Young, Burton Cummings, Randy Bachman, The Guess Who, BTO and so many other great rockers grew up right here in the ‘peg! Shows: we get them all…last summer Sir Paul played here at our brand new stadium; everyone from Elton John, to the Eagles, Neil Young, Pearl Jam, the Rolling Stones twice, Dylan, Bruno Mars, Katie Perry, and Selena Gomez have played our city.


Bruce: we are a working class city, like your people in Jersey!! Your songs, your words, speak to a man and his band who get it!! We are a caring city and are known to be helpful to those who haven’t had many breaks in life. You will feel Jersey right here with the people of Winnipeg…

We’ve seen the videos of you and Sir Paul rockin’ together; you and Eddie Veddor doing some AC/DC down in Australia…how about you get our Winnipeg son, Neil Young, up on stage with you and give us some Down by the River and Rockin’ in the Free World.


Rick: Paul McCartney liked our city so much, he played here twice!!

Diane: Bruce: when I saw you in Ireland, I loved that I had seen some your best work, but I was a bit pissed at you for playing such terrific small cities, but never my terrific city! Crazy woman that I am, I set out to try and change that. Before long, I was meeting wonderful Bruce Fans who had never seen you live and just couldn’t travel to do that. They told me how you cheer them up, motivate them, make them sing and dance. I’m not pissed at you anymore, but Bruce, please keep going to places you’ve never played before, so fans can see you and PLEASE make Winnipeg one of those cities.

Kyle: Bruce, you are a rock God in my eyes!! You won’t regret coming here, because people of all ages want to see you; ask Paul McCartney how much he loved our city!! Winnipeg…summer night, great rock music, nothing better than Bruce Springsteen right here in the ‘peg!!

Chuck: Bruce: you will feel Jersey in the people of Winnipeg; hard working and “They take care of their own”!! We are Counting on a Miracle for you to come here…we’re Waitin on a Sunny Day for you to rock our great city…and then for sure, we will have some Glory Days!!

Tommy: I’d be so star struck, I’d probably just mumble!!

There’s not much else we can say Bruce; you have got thousands and thousands of fans here in the ‘peg who love your music, whom you inspire, whom you get through tough days…Winnipegers are hard workers, just like your Jersey family!!




One thought on “Best of 2014: This letter to Bruce Springsteen got an incredible number of reads and response!!

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