The First Saturday Morning Random Thoughts of 2015; January 3rd…

© Chuck Duboff

– Well, winter, with all the blowing snow, bitter wind and ice cold it can muster, has arrived.


– January 3rd, 2015. This year can only be better.


– Had a pretty special birthday on the 1st; thanks to my daughter Carly and my mom, a nice little party at Carly’s house…and the birthday greetings from all around the world. It sure made for a nice start to the year.


– Played table hockey with Big Ben at the party…told him how much I loved playing that as a kid. He was pretty surprised when I told him that the players back then were made of metal…and how one time when I had been playing with a friend for a whole day, my friend scored a goal, I slammed my hand down on one of the metal players and the blood started pouring out, with several stitches ensuing. Of course Ben, with his big heart said: “Did you call your mommy?”

– January 29th will be the one year Anniversary of Chuck and Geoff’s Eclectic Blog; we are at 20,443 reads and 509 regular followers. This truly has become a special part of our lives…thank you to all for your support, encouragement and especially taking the time to read our daily musings. Expect more contributions from our Winnipeg Goldeyes/Baseball writer Mickey Steen and our Prairie Boy/Literary writer Al Bryski. (That’s Al and Mick in the pic with me.) If you would like to contribute a blog, just get in touch with one of us.


– I wish true Winnipeg Jets fans would pause for a moment before making ridiculous comments about the Jets; we are currently without our top four defencemen: Jacob Trouba, Toby Enstrom, Zach Bagosian and Marc Stuart; additionally, we are now without Evander Kane. What exactly is it that you would do if you were GM? Would you mortgage your future in order to survive a couple of weeks till the return of these players? Players like Adam Pardy and Grant Clitsome are playing way too many minutes and you can see how we are missing the ability of our top D-Men to get the puck out…When you lose Kane and the forechecking and pressure he brings, what is it you expect management to do? Trade away a top draft pick? Those picks are gold!! Just look at the World Juniors and all you hear is “a draft pick of the Winnipeg Jets”…Relax everybody…given how we have been decimated…and are still in a playoff position this morning…that’s not too bad. Rather than complaining, be grateful we have Paul Maurice behind the bench getting the most out of this lineup.


– So blessed to be able to take Laine to the Jets-Leafs game tonight…on the eve of her 8th birthday!! It is almost surreal to think about. As a little boy, pre-Jets WHA days, I was a die hard Leafs fan, cheering on Bower, Keon, Mahovolich…and here it is, some 50 years later and I am taking my grand daughter Laine to a Jets-Leafs game. How very blessed I am.


– Cyber warfare…the next great frontier has arrived. This could get very interesting…and scary.

– 43 days until pitchers and catchers report to Spring Training.


– Lots of Bob and Ziggy Marley as I hear the Coco Reef Resort and Beaches down in Playa calling…

Coco Reef

– The NDP in Manitoba…what a mess thou art.

– It is truly amazing how little credit Barack Obama gets for turning around the economy in the States; it is forecast to be the top economy in the world in 2015.

– Covert Affairs…anybody else watching. I”m on Season 3…have always loved the spy, thriller type show…and how ironic that two actors who had major parts in “24” are also major players in this series.

– I think I have read every Robert Ludlum novel at least two times, if not three…so it was really nice getting some knowledgeable help at Chapters the other day and finding a new author, Daniel Silva…the paperback I picked up for the trip is now half way done…enjoying his style…may have to get another one for the trip.

– And speaking of the trip..I am going to have to do a test run of posting a blog on my I-Pad…step one will be ensuring I can find free wi-fi on 5th Avenue and then making sure I know how to post a blog using the I-Pad…I may alternate days with pics and writing.

– Hope to get across to Cozumel to see my “Caribbean Mickey”, Don…what a cool story that is how we met; while teaching in Cancun I found out that there was Mexican League Baseball right near where I was living…so the first game I went to, I was wearing a Yankees shirt and Winnipeg hat…and Don came over and introduced himself..having been to Winnipeg many years earlier for a couple of months…we struck up a friendship and are still friends today.

– Finally…this is the beach I will be running each morning, for two weeks…

beach Coco


One thought on “The First Saturday Morning Random Thoughts of 2015; January 3rd…

  1. Very enjoyable read, and it turned out lovely today, provided you enjoy MB. COLD!! As Amos Ramon said, it’s time for a MB. workout, Shovelling Snow!


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