Some Winnipeg Goldeyes history…by Mickey Steen.

© Mickey Steen


I have been asked by Chuck & Geoff if I would be interested in doing some coverage and writing on Goldeyes baseball for the upcoming season.
So, think I may give it a whirl to see how it works out, hopefully it will be an enjoyable read on the views of a Goldeyes fan. It would be great to meet & greet any “new” Goldeyes fans at Shaw Park this coming baseball season, I am usually found in Section E Row 1 Seat 1, back of 3rd.base.

If memory serves me correctly the last time prior to the Goldeyes return, that Winnipeg had hosted Professional baseball was back in 1970 and the Winnipeg Whips, with an affiliation with Montreal Expos, were playing out of the old Blue Bomber football stadium, with the baseball diamond located in the S/W corner of the stadium, directly across the street from the old Winnipeg Arena. I moved into the city in 1971, going from living in the country and adjusting to the city life style. 1972 or 73 the Whips were gone and Winnipeg and all baseball fans were left with only the local senior & Junior teams for their source of summer baseball entertainment.

Then came 1994 and Professional baseball made a triumphant return to Winnipeg, Thanks in large part to Sam Katz & a group of business men who had “ a Dream “ their dream to give Winnipegger’s back their baseball. We are forever grateful to this group for the return of the “Boy’s of Summer! “
At 1st. they were looking into bringing in a Triple A team with major league affiliation. I for one was quite happy that this did not happen. Why? because when you are owned by a major league team and they send down a player to their minor league AAA team, that player sent down gets to play every game and a player already down here and is very productive and who has likely become a fan favourite, is hitting say .325 sits out while this guy sent down is hitting a buck twenty five(.125) he is the one playing. The major league team dictates who plays and who sits, so fortunately that did not happen and we , Winnipeg got into an Independent baseball organization.

Again a HUGE Thank you to Sam & his group for their determination in bringing professional baseball back to Winnipeg.
Who were they before they became known as the Winnipeg Goldeyes. 1993 was the inaugural year of the Northern League with 6 team playing, St. Paul, Sioux City, Sioux Falls, Rochester Aces, Thunder Bay and Duluth. If any of you have guessed the Rochester Aces, you are correct. A very historic moment for baseball in Winnipeg.
One thing that stands out in my memory of my 1st. baseball game at the old football stadium was that my ticket into the game cost me $3.00 and parking cost me $5.00 as Wpg. Enterprises controlled the parking lot. 1994 I bought game tickets as the game came up, in 1995 I became a Season Ticket holder, a Goldeye Lifer I suppose, they had me hok line & sinker i was a Fish and I have not regretted one moment of it.
In closing for now, I am a Goldeyes fan and welcome anyone who isn’t a baseball fan, to come on down to Shaw Park this summer and enjoy some of the most affordable professional entertainment available to all of us right here in the City of Winnipeg.


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