Chuck Duboff

– Jets ranked 4th in NHL by the Hockey News and have a 92.4% chance of making the playoffs!!!!! Wow! Unfreakinbelievable!!!


– Best. Holiday. Ever!!


– What is it about shows like Breaking Bad and Sons of Anarchy? Just love them!!!

– RIP Ernie Banks… There shortstop of my baseball youth. “Let’s play two Ernie!”

– So impressed with Mayor Bowman…well done. Now concrete initiatives.


– Hitting up Cuban Jazz Club tonight. Hope to do a blog for Sunday morn.


– So I phoned Ben and Laine to say hi; rather than asking how I am or that they miss me… Their first question: “Zaida Chuck, are the Jets going to make the playoffs?” Yup.

– Has Big Buff ever been happier? Not only Jets MVP, but should be considered for both best defence an and league MVP!!


– MacLeans magazine assertion about the racism in Winnipeg; sensationalism or fact? I see even very close friends making their subtle and blatant racist comments…makes me sick!!

– How sweet is this:


– I said before I left that if the Jets survived January and we’re still in a playoff spot when I got home… Start saving up your money for playoff tix!!!!

– Every time Down by the River comes on, I see Bradley Cooper doing an amazing air guitar. Check it out on You Tube.


– Scheif and Troubs, 2nd season; Lowrey, Chairott, Hutch… All first season… and next season Ehlers, Morrisey and Petan!!! Look out NHL, Here Come the Jets!!!!


– “Amigo, you want some weed? Got some good stuff for you”. Hmmm, must be my look because it is non stop walking down 5th!!

– Seriously though… Don Julio Tequila shots… Doesn’t get any better!

– Racism is real folks…subtle, blatant…those in denial need to open their eyes and help to solve the problem, not contribute to it by burying their heads in the sand!!!!

Tina Fontaine



Saturday Morning Random Thoughts…from Playa del Carmen, Mexico

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