Saturday Morning Random Thoughts…with a special salute to Jon Stewart.

© Chuck Duboff

– Lots of media news this week; from Jon Stewart announcing his retirement, to Brian Williams’ suspension to the Sun News Network in Canada shutting down.

Stewart 2

– Thank you Jon for keeping it real; in the face of the “Fox Inglorious News Network”, you brought intelligence and brilliant insight to so many issues.

– Nice to see True North and City Hall calming the waters and getting that spectacular project back on track

– Saturday Night Live…40 years old. It was our Saturday Night must see TV!!


– Given that we have no modern day rapid transit in this city, it’s at least nice to see that phase two of the bus rapid transit is going to be completed. I believe this will be the one that will make a major difference in our city. But like anything else that is in the least bit progressive in Winnipeg, the naysayers jump in and shoot it down. That my friends is why we have no rapid transit today; go to any “real big city” and you will shake your head in disbelief at what constitutes modern day rapid transit.

– Evander Kane…you won’t be missed, in any way. Best adjective I’ve heard to describe him: narcissistic!!

spring training 2

– Yes, Spring Training starts in just four more days…Play Ball will be heard all through Florida and Arizona.

– Living with Depression, living with the monster…never knowing when it will suddenly appear.


– What a tremendous response to our week long series of blogs on Racism; sometimes its just a matter of people having their eyes opened to the reality…and hopefully learning. A quote I live by when it comes to Human Rights and Racism: “Evil will flourish when goodness remains silent.”

– Brian Williams…did you never believe that you would get caught in your lies? How very sad. Reminiscent of a sports reporter right here in Winnipeg, whose career was brought down by plagerism.

Stewart 3

– Jon Stewart: you brought sanity to a United States being led down a hate filled path by the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly and the Fox so called News Network.

– Jets fans: the future of our Winnipeg Jets is so exciting. We have the number one rated prospects in the whole NHL: from Ehlers to Petan to Morrisey to Comrie to de Leo to Hellebucyk to Lemieux to Copp..and two first round picks in this year’s draft. If you get a chance to listen to Craig Button rave about the Jets…it is so exciting. I am forecasting that, not next year, but season six of the Jets return to Winnipeg…that will be The Year!! Our year that we begin to dominate the NHL!! How sweet does that sound!!


– There is a piece of me that writes this next note sadly; it is so very easy to bash and joke about the Toronto Maple Leafs these days. To hear Brendan Shanahan being given the go ahead to do a complete rebuild, to watch the complete lack of effort, to seeing Phil Kessel doing his best Evander Kane imitation to get out of Toronto…it’s both hilarious and sad to watch the team I cheered for as a little boy hit such a low point. Yet, the rest of Canada laughs and shakes its collective head.


– What a brilliant trade by Jets GM Kevin Cheveldayoff; not only acquiring two solid players to help us today, but also two great future prospects AND a first round draft pick. It’s sad to see Bogo leave, but given the antics of #9, its amazing what Chevy was able to acquire. As Geoff and I said the other day…when the Jets arrived back nearly four years ago, our futures cupboard was bare…and today, we have the number one ranked prospects in the NHL.

– To vaccinate or not to vaccinate, that is the question. Yeesh. I’m not a scientist, nor I am schooled on the subject, but how on earth do you not vaccinate your children!!


– Grrrrrrrrrr…winter.

– For those too young to remember Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In…it was the pre-sager in the 1960’s to what Jon Stewart did so brilliantly today. I look back and remember how very much I loved Laugh-In, though I know Richard Nixon wasn’t a fan.




2 thoughts on “Saturday Morning Random Thoughts…with a special salute to Jon Stewart.

  1. “If you don’t stick to your values when they’re being tested, they’re not values. They’re hobbies.” I love that. Hmm… I wonder how many of my stated values are for real. Thanks for sharing Chuck.


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