Follow up by CNN on the video “Walking the streets of Paris as a Jew.”…and my personal thoughts, by Chuck Duboff

© Chuck Duboff

I would suggest that if we did the same experiment in the city of Winnipeg with Aboriginal citizens the results would be very similar, if not more abusive. However, as I have said many times…Americans are pretty in your face when it comes to racism, whereas Canadians do a better job of “pretending we’re not racist.”…it’s there, but we try to hide it.


As a Jew, I find yesterday’s video so upsetting and disturbing. At times it feels like, what is the point of even trying? It just never seems to end. For fifteen years I spent countless hours trying to make this a better world, fighting racism and promoting Human Rights for all. My students and myself would see small positive steps and I would encourage them to continue on…that this is something that won’t change over night…and they would continue on, fighting the battle.

Yet, I sit here today and see the abuse that this Jewish person received while walking the streets of Paris and there is a piece of me that just wants to give up and say that nothing that we as a species will ever do will end racism.

This video which follows, is from CNN…it is a follow up to yesterday’s video which has gone viral.


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