Saturday Morning Random Thoughts…are they reading this in Kladno, Czech Republic?

@Chuck Duboff

– Rest in Peace Lenonard Nimoy…though I was never a huge Star Trek fan, it was a regular part of my childhood tv watching. You brought much wisdom to this world. In reading lots of what has been written these past few days, I came across a point which spoke to the man he was; Nimoy talked about growing up Jewish in Boston and the sting of anti-semitism which he felt…he used this as motivation to make this a better world. You succeeded in that Leonard.


– So Russia’s opposition leader was gunned down…and this surprises whom?

– The prohibition against publication of Hitler’s Mein Kampf has been lifted; how very exciting…now the youth of the world can once again fall in love with Hitler’s wisdom. At a time of rising anti-semitism throughout Europe, the historical society which is reissuing the book has said that it will be used as an academic tool. Right, and I will be performing brain surgery at 3:00 PM today.


– A-Rod…what a circus act you are.

– How amazing is it that the Winnipeg Jets now have three players who all come from the same small town in the Czech Republic and who grew up as close friends: Ondrej Pavelec, Michael Frolic and the newest Jet, Juri Tlusty all were born and raised in Kladno, Czech Republic.


– While on the subject of Pav, though his goaltending leaves much to be desired, his latest affirmation of the great fan he is of Bruce Springsteen, really is awesome. I’ve always known that Pav is a huge fan of the Boss, but this truly ROCKS!! Pav had the classic Born to Run cover painted on to his goalie’s mask:


– To quote this morning’s Winnipeg Free Press: “Conservative Leader Brian Pallister tried his best to rain on the parade, harrumphing he does not share the same optimism about Manitoba.” I would imagine had the Conference Board come out and stated that our economy would lag behind the rest of Canada, Filmon’s former henchman would have been spouting off how terrible the provincial government is. Yet, when the Conference Board puts Manitoba right at the top of all its future forecasts, Pallister feels the need to shoot down the rosy picture which is being painted of our provincial economy. We can put this right beside your comments about “racism not being a part of your world.”

– So Netflix releases Season 3 of House of Cards yesterday…and I am almost finished it. If you are a lover of politics, unsavoury, cut throat, maniacal politics…then you must watch House of Cards. Kevin Spacey as Frank Underwood, and Robin Wright as Claire Underwood, are just brilliant. If you are a fan of Shakespeare and specifically MacBeth…you will see the parallels between the Underwoods and the MacBeths.

Frank Underwood

– The game the Jets played against St. Louis on Thursday evening, was in fact, the best game I have seen the Jets play since they returned to Winnipeg. Though they lost in a shootout, that was a very well-coached team which played smart, disciplined, physical hockey and got outstanding goaltending from Michael Hutchinson. If the Jets can continue playing at this level…and get Blake Wheeler and Matthieu Perrault back, they could make some noise in the playoffs.

– After being a Liberal bastion for as long as I can remember, I wonder if the citizens in St. Boniface sit back and wonder how it was that they elected Shelley Glover. She has become a cold, mean-spirited politician, and is not reflective of the people of St. Boniface.


– Thursday night’s Jets game was Mental Health Awareness night…one of the features of this night was a moving video tribute to former Jet, Rick Rypien, who took his own life after a long struggle with depression. Here is the link to the video:

– A very special shout out to Lays Potato Chips for honouring my good friend Mickey Steen with the Lays Hometown Hero this past Tuesday evening; I know it was an evening that both Mickey and I will never forget. This past Wednesday I wrote a blog about the great evening we had:



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