Part 2…Fate: The Story of Us? by Chuck Duboff

For those who missed Part 1; Fate: The Story of Us…

© Chuck Duboff

Part 2

I didn’t know what to expect when he’d see me! I always prepared myself when somebody saw me for the first time following the coma. My speech, the cane, the leg brace, my hand… How would he react when he saw me.

I took a deep breath,texted and asked if he could pick me up and drive me home. I thought a lot about the special connection we had had; would it still be there? Would my condition, my health, affect how he saw me? It felt so good when he said he’d pick me up and drive me home. I prepared myself…tension filled my body as I waited…I saw his car pull up and walked out; it was bitterly cold and the sidewalk was icy. I had to be careful with my cane as I navigated my way to the car.
I saw the look in his face. I had seen that look on so many people, an expression of disbelief. He saw me walking and I could see the shock in his face; I got into the car and slowly looked at him… It felt like he was going to start crying; I too felt the same, I wanted to cry, but held on.

He held my hand and then gave me a gentle kiss on the cheek, but I could see the look in his eyes…would we talk, would it be the same? We looked at each other for a long time, and the sadness in his eyes looked so familiar. “Hi” That one word sounded so good to hear; it was almost healing to hear his voice. He took me in his arms and just held me for a long time. Words couldn’t express what he was really feeling; I could feel the warm tears slowly going down my cheek…this hurt so much, but at the same time, I could feel how much he cared.



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