Treasure…Chapter 2, Part 1…a novel by Geoff Brookes

© Geoff Brookes

Chapter 2, Part 1

“So you think so, too, Don?” Spence asked.”Part of me just feels a bit crazy to think that. I can’t even tell exactly when my Grandad wrote the note. It could be years ago. The paper looks old. The ink looks faded.”

“One thing about your Grandad – he was a very rational person. He ran the freaking firm in Winnipeg, and he was on the national board. And he didn’t lose that much over time. If he left a marble and a note in the safety deposit box, he meant you to find it.”

Spence considered this for a minute. “Tell me about the marble hunts that they used to do.”

“They’re not that common anymore. We haven’t done one since then,” Valerie replied. “They used to have marble hunt parties. The people that found the most marbles were the winners.”

“Some of them didn’t make it to the end of the game!” Don chortled.

“Yeah there was a lot of hootin’ and hollerin’ during those marble hunts,” Val added.

Spence smiled. “Yeah I kinda remember that!”

“Your grandparents would make up the clues and write them out. Your grand dad was really good with that. They wrote out several copies of each clue on slips of paper for the others to take with them, but they also wrote them out on a big sheet of paper in the cottage. When the sun went down, they called everyone back in, to see who had the most,” Valerie explained.

“They used to do them in early July, when the sun didn’t set until 9:30”, Don said. “By 10:00 the fireflies would be out, which gave it a kind of magical finish.”

They were still walking down the path above the cliffs. Valerie said, “Why don’t we head back to our place, and we’ll make some sandwiches for lunch.”

“Sounds great!” Spence brightened at the thought.

“Do you have any ideas as to what that clue might mean?” Don asked.


“Not so much an idea, as a feeling. It feels like it might have something to do with barbecuing. I remembered when Grandad would ‘fan the coals’, when he used to use charcoal briquettes.Back before the time that they started using gas barbecues, there used to be that nice time in the late afternoon when my Grandad, Dad, and uncle Johnny used to sit and talk together around the barbecue.”

“Sounds like a good starting place,” Don said, smiling.

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