Free thought on Robin Williams, Suicide and Depression…no energy for formal writing.

Rereading this blog…the words are as powerful and succinct as they were last August 14th just after Robin Williams had committed suicide.

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“I always felt scared and alone.”  The words of Robin Williams.  Yes, movie star, comedian, court jester…filled with so much dark pain that he took his own life.

Shaken the past two days; scared that I can comprehend the depth of his pain…shaken by my dear friend Mickey’s words: “When I heard about the news I said, oh no, this is going to be bad.”…grateful for Sam and Dana and Kirsten, former students who texted with me and got me through Monday night; big hugs to a dear friend down in Colorado, Tracy, whom I taught with in Mexico…who has been messaging and sending loving hugs.  We both loved teaching Dead Poet’s Society…and our Captain, our Captain  is now dead…Thank you Tracey, thank you.


I ask myself…if a man like Robin Williams could not find the strength to hold on…with all the love from fans, actors…

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