JFK ASSASSINATION – WHO AM I? – PERSON One – Part 1…by Don Lofendale

© Don Lofendale


I (the writer) was a 10 year old little boy when President Kennedy was assassinated. But that day is seared in my mind permanently. I remember where I was when I heard the news, what I was doing, who told me and everything else about that day. I have a friend who was 8 when it happened and who also remembers it and one who was 6 who does not. So somewhere around 8 is probably the critical age for remembering that dark day.

When the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President Kennedy came and went, it was shocking, but not surprising that the mainstream media, failing society yet again, trotted out the tired, old discredited Lone Oswald theory of the assassination. Shocking because the alternate and less mainstream media has produced considerable evidence against the Lone Oswald theory, particularly after the Assassinations Records Review Board disclosed approximately two million more pages of information related to the assassination. Unsurprising because the mainstream media is part of, what in my day we called ‘the establishment’.

I became a student of the JFK assassination and have remained one for 25 – 30 years. The plan here is to write about a few of the many remarkable stories about the President’s assassination. I will assume readers have no particular knowledge of the assassination other than the fact JFK was assassinated and that it is typically stated his assassin was Lee Harvey Oswald (LHO) a communist lone nut upset with Kennedy for vague reasons, but probably related to 1he American government’s attempts to overthrow the government of Cuban President Fidel Castro.

Oswald was said to have assassinated the president by firing three shots at him from the sixth floor of his workplace, the Texas School Book Depository, after the President’s motorcade passed by the building.

There are many reasons to believe that Kennedy was killed as the result of a conspiracy, particularly if one looks at the evidence as a whole, but the basic reason to believe it is that between 30 and 53 ear witnesses in Daley Plaza heard a shot fired from the right front of Kennedy’s car, the infamous grassy knoll, A lone nut can’t shoot from two (or more) places at the same time and still be a sole assassin.

Time for a who am I.

With this particular game of who am I, I (the writer) will strung out the information and the subject’s identity over a few episodes or parts, because there is so much information, some of it a touch mind boggling and because some will find his identity surprising, perhaps shocking.


My name is now (July 2015) known to people around the world and has been for 35 – 45 years. Well known first in America and then around the world. I come from a prominent wealthy family. In 1963, I was well into adulthood, but not prominent personally, except locally to some extent. Strangely, I am one of the few people alive at the time of the assassination who claims to not remember where he was when JFK was assassinated on Dallas November 22,1963.

My implausible claim of not remembering is made more implausible because

— for at least part of the day I was in Dallas and
—shortly after the assassination, that is, within an hour or two of the shots being fired I phoned the FBI with a tip on who the assassin might be (not LHO).

To sum up, I was in Dallas for at least part of the day JFK was assassinated there and phoned in a tip to the FBI regarding the identity of a possible identity of the assassin, yet claim to not remember where I was when he was killed.

Who Am I?


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