JFK WHO AM I? Person 1, Part 2…by Don Lofendale

Oil and Finance and Secret Societies

While my main claim to fame is in the public realm, I am a wealthy businessman, who came from inherited wealth, and who made a fortune in the oil industry and finance. I also made powerful friends when I attended Yale and was tapped for membership in the Skull and Bones secret society.



Having familiarity with secret organizations and having an upper class back ground, the writer would tell you, I likely joined the CIA early in adulthood, perhaps as early as my graduation from Yale. At minimum there is little doubt I was a CIA agent before the assassination of JFK, that is around my mid to late 30’s. Later in my life, roughly around age 50, my association with the CIA was publicly announced on a go forward basis.
However, I would deny this association with the CIA (other than the public announcement of course) because it is part of my hidden history. People would have been much more nervous about my power and prominence if they knew I had been a CIA agent basically all my adult life.

Bay of Pigs – Operation Zapata

Fidel Castro and his troops march into Havana and oust President Batista January 1, 1959. It wasn’t long before Castro realizes the Americans aren’t that warm to him, because Batista let America have its way with the country and Castro wasn’t agreeable to that. Castro then cozies up the Soviets and announces he is a communist.

The last year of the administration of President Eisenhower is in part about plots to remove Castro from power. The Eisenhower White House, with Vice President Richard Nixon as the point man began to work with the CIA, who in turn was working with anti-Castro Cuban exiles to invade Cuba and overthrow Castro. The invasion was planned for the fall of 1060, but bad weather prevented it from occurring.

Kennedy as the Democratic Party nominee for president for the November 1960 election, was briefed on the plan. Kennedy knew it was postponed until the spring, but nevertheless, playing dirty politics, accused his Republican opponent, Vice President Richard Nixon of doing nothing about Castro. Nixon couldn’t reveal the secret plans, while Kennedy pretended he didn’t know about them.

Kennedy takes office in January, 1961 and inherits the plan, code named “Operation Zapata” and within three months of taking office, has to make a decision on whether or not to go forward with it. Kennedy’s advisors, including specifically those in the CIA, told him that major American military power wouldn’t be necessary to overthrow Cuba. Rather the CIA and others told him that once an invading force of anti-Castro Cuban exiles landed, the Cuban people, upon learning of the invasion by anti-Castro Cubans, would rise up, join the counter-revolution and overthrow Castro themselves. This was all a lie, but the young President, just three months into his presidency, decided to listen to the experts, even though he was skeptical about their advice on this point He was willing to be proven wrong and his expert advisors proven right. The operation became publicly known by the name of the invasion site, the Bay of Pigs.

Kennedy and Cuba

My Role

An objective observer would likely conclude I was involved in Operation Zapata and specifically that I used some of my wealth to buy old ships to help transport CIA sponsored anti Castro Cubans living in exile in the U.S.,back to Cuba for the purpose of overthrowing Castro.

One clue of my in involvement in Operation Zapata is the fact two ships used in the operation were given the name of my wife and my home city respectively. I had a habit of naming vehicles after my wife. During World War II, I named my plane after her. When it was destroyed, I named my new plane after her. Also, the name of my oil company was Zapata. The fact of my involvement with the CIA is on the record and undisputed, later in my life, but the writer is telling you that I have been involved with it possibly my entire adult life and certainly before th JFK assassination— which I deny to this day.

Effect of Pay of Pigs

The invasion was a disaster. The invaders were trapped on the beach; the Cuban people did not turn against Castro. The writer would tell you the CIA knew there would be no uprising and the invading anti-Castro Cuban exiles would be killed on the beach or arrested—-absent substantial military power. This was all part of the CIA plan. They lied to the exiled invaders and told them that the President would authorized substantial American military might, once they invaded——otherwise the exiles would not have invaded, because they knew the operation would fail and they would be killed on the invasion beach or jailed. The CIA had lied to the President as noted so that he would authorize the invasion. The CIA’s real plan was that when the uprising failed to occur, they believed the young president, wanting to avoid a humiliating defeat, would commit additional American military firepower to the cause.
However, the CIA types mis-measured the man. The President didn’t panic and try to save face. He refused to be manipulated into adding American troops. Instead he took public responsibility for the operation’s failure. Behind the scenes however, knowing he’d been lied to, he took decisive action. He, somewhat gently, fired CIA Director Alan Dulles and the two deputy directors most involved in planning the operation, Richard Bissell and General Charles Cabell. The writer says “gently fired” because he eased them out several months after the fact, to allow them to save face.

Further, the Kennedy White House leaked to a friendly reporter that Kennedy knew he had been lied to, was furious and planned “to splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it to the winds”. He later took steps to do just that, by making the military responsible for peace time, not just war time, covert operations. He did this because the military has a chain of command, while intelligence agencies, like the CIA, has been described as “a wilderness of mirrors.”

Many people suspect that the Bay of Pigs was the first nail in Kennedy’s coffin. The anti-Castro Cubans, seeing their comrades shot down in the invasion or jailed, didn’t blame their CIA handlers for the operation’s failure, they blamed the President. Similarly, with the firing of three high profile, mostly upper class, men from the CIA, the intelligence community and the families of upper class wealthy men, who are disproportionately present at high levels in the CIA, knew the young president could not be intimidated or manipulated and that worst of all, he would now follow his judgement, not their advice.

Many people have concluded that members of the CIA involved in the plots to overthrow Castro and angry anti-Castro Cubans working with the CIA are the bottom and second or third from the bottom, groups of people involved in the plot to kill Kennedy.

Back to the point at hand. I would of course be part of this group on the CIA side. In addition I was a member of the upper class. We don’t like it when presidents have vision and courage; when they can’t be intimidated or manipulated.

Another FBI memo

One more amazing detail about the suspicions of many people that I was already a CIA agent involved in plots to overthrow presidents (Castro in Cuba), at the time of the JFK assassination. It is another FBI memo that came to light many years after the assassination. This one written by FBI Director Hoover himself.

It is a file memo detailing a meeting in which Hoover states that the day after the assassination he “briefed Mr. (insert my name) of the CIA”. The writer would tell you that the meeting occurred because as one of conspirators, I wanted to find out what the authorities knew or suspected, but I wouldn’t have been able to get a meeting with Hoover with my above ground identity of wealthy businessman. I wanted this meeting to gain intelligence on what the police forces knew, but the writer would say this information had become more crucial than we plotters thought it would be.

Oswald, the writer would say, was almost certainly supposed to be killed, not captured. One doesn’t want the patsy talking; particularly a patsy who might know a little bit. Kennedy was killed Friday, Oswald silenced Sunday. My meeting with Hoover was Saturday. The writer would say we were particularly desperate to know if the investigation had moved beyond Oswald, loudly denying involvement, or whether there was still time to have him killed, while the Lone Oswald fairy tale was still viable. Maybe I would have met with Hoover even if Oswald had been killed immediately, but his survival made this meeting critical. We had to know what the police agencies knew and were thinking.


Lies and Helpful Co-incidence

The writer would tell you that the CIA trained me to lie by claiming to not remember events rather than by directly speaking a lie. This is a useful technique because one then does not leave a disprovable story for others to discover. The police often use this this technique in reverse when they have a suspect for a crime, where they don’t have direct evidence of guilt, they try to get the suspect to make statement— not necessarily a confession— rather any statement in relation to the crime. Then even without direct evidence of guilt or a confession, they can get a conviction based on proving the statement false and thereby prove consciousness of guilt, a guilty mind.

I ran into a real problem when this second memo, referenced above, came to light. The press asked me about it and I panicked and forgot the proper way to lie: I just denied the meeting occurred. Realizing I’d made a terrible error, I soon had a spokesman retract my denial and replace it with my standard lie that I couldn’t remember. I was fearful about this situation, because of the sensational contents of the memo and because I had contradicted myself.

Then I caught a break. I have a name that is not entirely uncommon, so we said that it must have been a different person with the same name. And sure enough there was another CIA employee with the same first and last name as me back in ’63. Wouldn’t you know it, the press located him. He confirmed he was a CIA employee at that time but noted he was a junior mapmaker and didn’t have the position, status, clearance, ability or need to meet with Hoover. But at least it gave a veneer of plausibility to my statement that I hadn’t met Hoover the day after the assassination.


So let me add up this new information for you

· I (or a map maker with my name) met with FBI Director Hoover, the day after the assassination to be briefed on it.
· Which meeting I first denied, then claimed to not remember

· I began a prominent, publicly acknowledged, association with the CIA when I was around 50.

· I likely secretly joined the CIA after I was tapped into a secret society of a somewhat different sort, the Skull and Bones, but at minimum was a CIA agent at the time of the Bay of Pigs or Operation Zapata and therefore at the time of the JFK assassination—-all of which I would deny.

Who Am I?

If you don’t yet know, but think I must be something of a scamp or scallywag, or treasonous traitor, wait until I tell you about my father. Perhaps his actions will clue you in, to who I am.

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