Editorial…and a few questions to ponder; by Chuck Duboff

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During these next few weeks, you will notice significant changes happening on this blog. In today’s Winnipeg Free Press there is an editorial which states that the “selfie mayor” must start doing more. On July 4th I stated in my Saturday Morning Random Thoughts: “* Brian Bowman: at some point the citizens of Winnipeg get tired of smiles and want to see substance; you made a lot of promises…instead of smiles, let’s see something constructive.” One of the big changes you will notice is a return to hard hitting questions and blogs. Whether it is the ugly racism which exists in Canada, the United States and through out the world or discussing Neil Young’s attack on Monsanto or questioning the paranoia, lies and spying of the Harper Government…Recently one of my friends, Don Lofondale, contributed some interesting writing on JFK…you will see more of this kind of writing.

There will be a return to Saturday Morning Random Thoughts and Sunday Morning Music…there will be no hard and fast number of blogs, but rather when the mood suits, blogs will appear…the poetry will be edgy, the blogs will have substance and the questions will be hard hitting…there will be a return to the questioning, opining, standing up for what is right which I exhibited during the 15 years of fighting for Human Rights…I wasn’t awarded the Manitoba Human Rights Award in 2006 for being a good guy, but rather standing up for what is right and just. Expect more of that.

As Neil Young stated: “It’s better to burn out, than to fade away”

And now…some thoughts and questions to ponder:


The United States needs Bernie Saunders…much more than Hilary Clinton and the 16 clowns running for the Republicans. But you know that big money and the Military Industrial Complex will make his campaign irrelevant.

How much longer will Winnipeg’s entitled continue to make uninformed comments about living downtown; from what I read there are murders, drug deals, and white collar crime in Charleswood, Tuxedo, East Kildonan, City Hall and the Leg…I’ve lived downtown for 18 years and have never once experienced any of the delusional problems which so many fabricate.


Little did we know Atticus!!! It is so thrilling to see the excitement surrounding Harper Lee’s new novel: Go Set a Watchman. Though there has been a great deal of shock to see the way in which Atticus’ character evolves…it is so gratifying to see techie society still embrace good literature.

…and with that I sign off today…take a minute to think about this: “Evil Will Flourish When Goodness Remain Silent.”



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