Grace Notes…a new book by my friend Kathy Francis.

I will be in Toronto for the next three days for a family wedding; thus there won’t be any blogs up for the next few days. Today I have reposted a blog I wrote about my friend Kathy Francis’ new book, Grace Notes. She is having great success with this book…congrats Kathy.

Chuck’s Eclectic Blog.

© Chuck Duboff

My friend, Kathy Francis, has a fascinating outlook on life. She sees the peace and positive nature of all things which life presents us. She has shared with me a lot of her writing and I am glad to be able to help her launch this next project. Take a few minutes to read Kathy’s words and then join her at McNally’s for the unveiling of her new book.

The book launch for Grace Notes is Thur. March 26th, 7pm in the Atrium at McNally’s.

Grace Notes

©Kathy Francis

Can you imagine a world without music? Probably not. It’s a language found in every culture, among every people. We play it at parties, funerals, and shopping malls. It accompanies our commutes and work outs. It is a courier for joy, sorrow and questioning.

Our souls long for expression. Music is a heart language that can give voice to inner…

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