The 4th intriguing instalment of: JFK, Who Am I ? Person 1, Part 4…by Don Lofendale

© Don Lofendale

Last time I told you about the shady things my dad did, but now it’s back to me.

Appointed Positions

I was given many powerful appointed positions, beginning with appointments by Richard Nixon, while he was president, no doubt because of the political alliance my father forged with Nixon.

Nixon appointed me US ambassador to the United Nations in 1970. In 1973 he helped me become appointed as Chairman of the Republican National Committee.

WASHINGTON, DC - APRIL 29:  President Richard Nixon at a news conference. Photographed April 29, 1971 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Ellsworth Davis/The Washington Post via Getty Images)

WASHINGTON, DC – APRIL 29: President Richard Nixon at a news conference. Photographed April 29, 1971 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Ellsworth Davis/The Washington Post via Getty Images)

After Nixon was forced to resign the presidency because of the Watergate scandal, his replacement Gerald Ford appointed me as special envoy to China. This was equivalent to being ambassador, but the US didn't have full and formal diplomatic relations with China at that time.

CIA Director

Early in 1976 Ford appointed me to be the Director of the CIA. The writer recalls that the news reports at the time expressed surprise that' someone with no experience in the intelligence community was appointed CIA Director and that there was then some comment that I had lots of CIA experience. When there was a “say what” reaction to that comment, it was quickly dropped.

Amazingly, there was an Oswald moment on the record while I was CIA Director. It requires some background information.

LHO and George DeMorenschildt

LHO was thought to be a communist, reasonably enough on the surface, because he defected to the Soviet Union in October 1959. The writer would tell you there is now reason to believe Oswald was a false defector, in part because the US and Russia both were running false defector programs at the time. False defectors were usually sent to gather information.


When Oswald returned from the Soviet Union with his Russian wife in the spring of 1962, the White Russian community in Dallas, particularly then 51 year old oil geologist George DeMorenschildt, befriended them. Communist Russians were referred to as Reds, while their anti communist opponents were referred to as the White Russians. Some White Russians were loyal to the Czar and were bitter when the communists won the Russian Civil War. Some of those White Russians lost privileged positions and wealth when the Czar was overthrown, among them de Mo’s family. Accordingly, a young American going communist would be repulsive to someone like de M. DeMorenschildt who was passionately anti-communist based on the loss his family had suffered as a direct result of communism ands who was well off and cultured, while Oswald was poor. Yet, DeMorenschildt was described as “Oswald’s best friend”. There clearly is more to this story.

Part of the “more” is that DeMorenschildt, as an oil geologist traveling around the world, had CIA connections. He appears to be a CIA asset, who regularly was debriefed by the CIA. He arranged to be introduced to Oswald at the request of J Walton Moore, the head of a Dallas office of the Agency. Accordingly DeMorenschildt was likely, in intelligence community parlance, a “babysitter”—– someone who keeps an eye on someone for whom the Agency has future plans.

Therefore,, spending time with Oswald was likely part of a job DeMorenschildt was doing for the CIA. In addition DeMorenschildt probably genuinely liked Oswald because Oswald, although poor was well read and something of an intellectual and because DeMorenchildt likely knew what many now suspect—– Oswald was a brave young man who was part of the “false defector” program. Accordingly DeMorenschildt would have admired Oswald’s courage and anti-communist commitment.

DeMorenschildt left for Haiti in spring 1963. When he testified before the Warren Commission in 1964, he threw Oswald under the bus and provided some damning information or opinions. However, that wasn’t his final opinion: he wrote the manuscript for a planned book he entitled “I’m a Patsy”—— the phrase Oswald famously shouted out when the police brought him before the press, who advised him he had been charged with the murder of the President.

The writer also saw an old video of DeMonenschildt on YouTube—– it would have to be old because he died in 1977—-where Demorenschildt, clearly being interviewed by someone, says something like “Oswald is a lunatic who kills Kennedy; Jack Ruby is a lunatic who kills Oswald (supposedly to save Jackie Kennedy the trauma of testifying at a trial for Oswald) and Garrison (New Orleans District Attorney who brought a charge of conspiracy to murder Kennedy against New Orleans businessman and CIA asset Clay Shaw) is a lunatic. It’s rather insulting to the US that it has so many lunatics”. He seemed to be telling us not to believe those characterizations.


The writer suspects that as time went by DeMorenschildt felt badly that a young man who risked his life to be part of the false defector program gets falsely blamed for the murder of the President. He knew that Oswald couldn’t have been a homicidal communist because he knew Oswald wasn’t a communist at all.

However, there is much more to the DeMorenschildt story. That’s where I come in.

DeMorenschildt and Me

Did I ever tell you what good friends DeMorenschildt and I were?

It only makes sense. We were CIA guys and both in the oil business on a national and international basis. I was dorm mates with his nephew in school. Remember, I’m the guy who was revealed in Part 1, to have phoned the FBI within hours of the assassination with a tip on who the assassination might be. Now I’m telling you Oswald’s best friend was also a good friend of mine. It gets better.

During my time as CIA Director in 1976, DeMorenschildt writes me a handwritten letter saying that he feels the net closing in on him—–because, he states, he probably has been too vocal about Oswald—- which the writer thinks can only mean too vocal about Oswald’s innocence. I write him back and tell him I’ve had my staff ask around and can’t find anything going on against him. The writer would say this might well be insider speak for a “kiss off”—- telling someone you can’t or won’t help them, in this case can’t or won’t help to save their life.

Recall that 1976 is the year after the US House of Representatives Pike Committee and the Senate’s Church Committee hearings into the misbehaviour o’s US intelligence agencies. Both committees were named for their chairmen. This is also the year after the now famous Zapruder film, showing the President’s head snap back and to the left when hit (consistent with a shot from the right front), was shown on US national television for the first time. Things were heat g up on the Kennedy case.

Who Am I?

PS the DeMorenschildt story ends badly. He dies in 1977 of a shotgun blast to his head, officially ruled a suicide, but under suspicions circumstances. This was the first year of the US House of representatives hearings into the JFK assassination. The hearings that eventually concluded that Kennedy was “probably” murdered as the result of a “conspiracy”.


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