Four Cultures, a Magnificent Wedding and two Fine Restaurants demonstrate peaceful co-existence can flourish.

© Chuck Duboff

I sat down last evening to watch the movie the Hundred-Foot Journey; being completely unaware of the plot or any of the characters, my mind recognized a connection between this wonderful movie and my nephew Jonathan’s wedding, just a few short weeks ago.


The plot-line of the movie is quite a simple premise; a family of Indian origin decides to open an Indian restaurant nearby a classy proper English dining establishment. The initial reaction to the Indian family having the audacity to establish their business in a secluded French hillside is quite predictable. Racist actions and words are hurled at the family from the local citizens, while the owner of the one star Michelin restaurant is terribly snarky and rude towards her new neighbour.

Expectedly, it is the children and young employees of the two owners who open the eyes to civility and mutual respect. Through cooking, fine dining and achieving success, the elders are made to see that all human beings deserve respect, compassion and love. A beautiful family of East Indian origin learns to peacefully co-exist with the British upper crust.

100 ft

One month ago my nephew Jonathan got married to his bride, Narisa. What was so wonderful about this three day celebration was the fact that Jonathan is Jewish, while Narisa is Muslim. That’s right, a dynamic young Jewish man marrying an awe inspiring Muslim woman.

Thee pic of J and N

The beautiful manner in which both families got along that weekend was breath taking. To see a Jewish family and a Muslim family have such a wonderful weekend together was truly amazing. Laughter, hugs, dancing, singing, smiles and two beautiful ceremonies showed the world that it is possible for cultures to peacefully co-exist. Whether it was a Jewish grandmother making friends with a Muslim grandmother, a Jewish family sitting in a Mosque watching their son, nephew, cousin get married or enjoying the Muslim family dancing to Hava Nagila…it truly was a wedding for the ages!!

both families

The weekend of two cultures coming together in joy is what the CBC, CNN, Time Magazine should be focusing their attention on. A light should be shining on the Duboff and Lalji families; you have shown the world that it’s not just in movies that cultures can live in peaceful co-existance, but rather, in day to day life peace is possible.

FullSizeRender (29)


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