Mick and his best pal, Buddy. Chapter 3 by Mickey Steen

My good friend Mickey Steen is truly a dog’s best friend…this was a story Mick shared with us last February…if you are a dog lover and haven’t read this, please enjoy. If you have read this before, take a few minutes to sit back again and relax…and in this very troubled world in which we live…enjoy this wonderful blog by Mickey and Buddy.

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© Mickey Steen

Mick and Buddy

Back in November and I was out at my nephew’s farm, which is located at Quadra MB. Quadra is on the main line of CN Rail and all there is built there is a rather large grain elevator and Gord’s farm is right across from the elevator. Now I was there baby sitting their Black Lab dog Buddy and when they arrived home Gord said at that time he might need my baby sitting services again in Feb.. Well in mid January I received an e-mail asking if I would be able to come out to the farm starting Feb. 3rd. to Feb. 11th. Gord was taking Sandy to Mexico to celebrate Sandy’s “SPECIAL” Birthday, not to allowed to mention which one or I would likely be suffering from 50 shades of grey or purple. I took a couple of days to reply but could have really…

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