I miss our talks Lisa…and how we understood each other…by Chuck Duboff

This was written September 16, 2014…four days after Lisa committed suicide. She is in my thoughts today…as I remember a friend whose life was filled with so much pain…I hope you are at peace now Lisa…I Love You and miss you so very much.

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Posted by Chuck Duboff in Depression,
@Chuck Duboff

I am in such pain writing this blog…please tolerate this rambling…

Late last night I received a text (why I woke up to check my cell phone is beyond me)…Lisa had passed away, Lisa had committed suicide last Friday night. “Which Lisa, not the Lisa in our building, not the Lisa I worked out with everyday…please, please, please tell me it wasn’t her, please Rob, tell me it wasn’t Lisa.”

It was Lisa. Last Friday night she committed suicide. She couldn’t hold on anymore. She lived her life in so much pain. Traumatized as a child, her self-worth was non-existent. A beautiful woman on the outside, her soul was damaged beyond repair.

We understood each other’s pain. We spoke a similar language. We worked out together most every morning, trying to beat those…

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