Sunday Morning Baseball questions and thoughts for you to ponder…by Chuck Duboff

© Chuck Duboff


* MLB owners were brilliant in adding the second wild card; it keeps so many teams relevant late in the season and their fans interested. Well done MLB.

* Should the Blue Jays be concerned about their backend with Sanchez and Osuno?

* Yankees really miss Texiera…and when playing in a NL park, A-Rod’s bat sits.


* Cubs have the third best record in all of MLB, yet are still in third place in the tough National League Central behind the Pirates and Cardinals.

* How does Matt Williams still have a job with the Washington Nationals?

* I can’t believe all the great young talent in MLB right now: Bryce Harper, Mike Trout, Josh Donaldson, Clayton Kershaw, Andrew McChutcheon, Kris Bryant, Addison Russell, Noah Syndegard, Matt Harvey, Luis Sevarino, and so many more.

* I love old time uniforms…and teams that don’t change uniforms every three seasons: Yankees, Red Sox, Dodgers, Cubs, Cardinals…sometimes I don’t know which teams I’m watching with all the change.


* Watching Donaldson, Bautista and Encarnacion is a treat for any baseball fan.


* What the Toronto Blue Jays are doing now is great for baseball in all of Canada.

* Though I’m a baseball traditionalist, I have come around to replay; it is getting missed calls right and helping out on controversial plays…better to get it right.

* Blue Jays need Tulowiski back…he’s a presence and lengthens their batting order!!


* The Cardinal way; draft and develop…what a great baseball organization.

* How can the Dodgers spend so much money and still be so reliant on just two players: Grenkie and Kershaw…in my view Adrian Gonzalez is one of the most over rated players in baseball. The Dodgers farm system used to pump them out (Joc Pederson is a great young player), but now they have taken over from the Yankees with the open check book…and the Yankees now are focused on developing their own players.

* Great seeing the Minnesota Twins playing good ball…though the big contract that Joe Mauer has, is an albatros to that team.

* Kansas City Royals, Pittsburgh Pirates, Chicago Cubs, Toronto Blue Jays, Huston Astros…nice seeing some fresh new faces in the playoff mix.

* I love watching players genuinely interacting with fans. That’s what makes baseball so great…you rarely see that in other sports.

Tigers vs Chicago White Sox 5/6/2012 by Mark Cunningham.

Tigers vs Chicago White Sox 5/6/2012 by Mark Cunningham.

* I love watching David Price pitch.


* Yes, I love watching baseball.


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