The MLB report for Tuesday, September 29th…by Chuck Duboff

© Chuck Duboff

Yogi 3

1. The Cubs and Pirates have the second and third best records in the majors, better than both the Mets and Dodgers…yet, one of them will be quickly knocked out in the Wild Card Game next week. Seems like an injustice to me.

2. As I said in the last report…don’t know how Matt Williams kept his job all season…he lost the locker room and that resulted in that Papelbon-Haper dugout fight yesterday.


3. I had chills watching that bottom of the 9th on Sunday afternoon when Josh Donaldson hit that walk off home run. Watching Bautista, Encarnacion and Donaldson mashing like they do…reminds me of when I was 7 years old watching Roger Maris and Mickey Mantle crushing them on a daily basis. Watching the Mount Crushmore boys hit home runs…the summer I became a Blue Jays fan.

4. My only area of concern for the Blue Jays is if the kids in the bullpen. Sanchez and Osuna, can handle the playoff pressure.

5. With the ongoing injury problems for Masahira Tanaka, the Yankees are fortunate that they held on to Luis Sevarino at the trade dead line; everybody wanted him…the Tigers were even offering up David Price, but the Yankees stuck to their guns about building from within. Additionally, having lost Tex for the season, another one of their homegrown players, Greg Bird, has done a great job of filling in at 1B.

6. Pete Rose, who admitted to gambling on games his team was playing, met with MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred hoping for re-instatement; Manfred has indicated that he would have a decision by the end of the year. (Manfred recently shot down a request to have Shoeless Joe Jackson re-instated) You put the integrity of a league in jeopardy if you allow Pete Rose back. Pete Rose bet on games his very own Cincinnati Reds were playing in; he admitted this. What kind of message would that send to players and fans? Pete Rose was a great ballplayer, there’s no debating that, however, he gambled and then for years lied about it. MLB cannot re-instate him.

Pete Rose Sports Illustrated cover

7. Mike Trout is some kind of ballplayer…too bad he doesn’t have more protection in the lineup. Check out another phenomenal catch by Trout:

8. Rogers is going to have to open the bank vault to sign David Price who will be a free agent at the end of the season; I think they will take a serious run at him…I just get a sense that he likes both playing on the Blue Jays and the city of Toronto…but who knows. As a wise man says: “stay tuned”

9. Who do you have for the National Cy Young: Grienke, Kershaw or the Cubs, Jake Arrieta?

Jake arriets

10. Who do you have for the American League Cy Young: David Price…or????

11. RIP Yogi Berra…you were the catcher of my youth, of my 1961 Yankees…along with Mickey, Roger, Whitey, Moose, Elston, Tony, Clete and Tom Tresh…You and Casey Stengal must have been some show together. You may have given us:
“It ain’t over till it’s over”…sadly, it is over Yogi…BUT, you will never be forgotten.



2 thoughts on “The MLB report for Tuesday, September 29th…by Chuck Duboff

  1. I can’t even begin to explain the feeling I had when the Jays clinched a spot in the post season. I have been watching them since the days of Barfield, Bell et al. The 92 and 93 World Series Champions were awesome teams to watch, but these guys……..WOW. Bautista, Donaldson, Edwing, Pillar……by far THE BEST team that the Jays have fielded EVER. Sadly I will not be making the trek to TO to watch any games. Ticketmaster website was stupid busy last Thursday when tickets went on sale and I wasn’t able to get any 😥


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