Saturday Morning Random Thoughts…November 21; by Chuck Duboff



  • A very special Happy Birthday to a man who has been a friend, a mentor, someone whom I know I can always turn to for advice: Al Bryski turns 70 today…have a great day my friend.
  • “Tory leader’s denial of flip-flop hard to reconcile.”  Dan Lett, editorial columnist for the right wing Winnipeg Free Press wrote this week.  It would seem all Brian Pallister does is wake up each morning and figure out which way the wind is blowing.  He is a man who can’t be trusted.  He’s already back tracking on his PST promise; and will backtrack on his comment about not cutting essential services.  He was a key part of Gary Filmon’s cabinet which cut nursing and teaching jobs.
  • If you would be interested in writing a blog for our Eclectic Blog, leave contact information in the comment section or write me an e-mail at
  • Sadly, it would seem, we are in a state of war.   People are afraid to use the words World War III, but given the wide range of the terrorist attacks and the responses from France, Russia and the US, a World War is what we are experiencing right now.
  • Take a few moments to read the following…it’s time we stopped shutting our collective eyes to the reality of the ever changing world.brown skin
  • I believe the Jets have to do whatever it takes to get Travis Hamonic to Winnipeg; because of family circumstances, he has stated a desire to get closer to home…this is a great opportunity for the Jets to acquire a top 2 defence man.  I would say that Jacob Trouba is our only untouchable on the blue line.  Make it happen Chevy.
  • A Russian jet brought down by ISIS, 130 killed in Paris, a Chinese prisoner beheaded by ISIS, a hotel in Mali taken over taken by terrorists with many killed.  Listening to Peter Bergen on CNN, he stated that he believes the objective of ISIS is to incite as many superpowers as possible, Russia, China, US, France…and draw them all into ground war in Syria…with the ultimate objective being an “an end of day” confrontation.  Not a far fetched thesis.151110-Tower of Hope2.jpg
  • Winnipeg named one of the top travel destinations in the world by National Geographic Travel Magazine.  What an incredible honour for our city; the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, a world class Zoo, an energy filled hipster Exchange district, the Winnipeg Jets, the gateway to Whale and Polar Bear viewing, The Forks, Osborne Village, world class restaurants, the home of great music…and so much more.  The best economy in Canada, the lowest unemployment, a beautiful multi-cultural tapestry…
  • US Republican Presidential Candidates: Ben Carson refers to Syrian refugees as “rabid dogs”…Donald Trump: will shut down Mosques and have ID cards for Muslims…Ted Cruz: we should only allow Christians and Jews into the US.
  • So Mr. Trump thinks that Muslim refugees should have ID cards to enter the United States; you mean like the Jews during the Holocaust who had to wear a yellow Star of David to signify they were Jews:children in yellow stars
  • Whatever happened to this United States?  Amazing the double standard…when guns are defended by the likes of the NRA, they reference the 2nd amendment; but when you ask about the words on the Statue of Liberty…redneck philosophy takes over:IMG_4950
  • Nice to see Casey Haerther of the Winnipeg Goldeyes re-sign for next season.
  • Hearing the words “I Love You So Much Zaida”…life doesn’t get any better.
  • Geoff and I would like to thank all of our readers and followers; we now have 708 regular followers and have passed 35,000 views.  When we first started this Blog in January of 2014, we were thrilled to have 15 reads a day…this past week we averaged 120 reads a day.  Thank you…I have been encouraging Geoff to be a little edgier, push the envelope a little more; it’s our of character for him, but, he is enjoying it.Geoff and I Jets
  • Keep up the great work Justin Trudeau…this is the Canada we are so proud of.
  • Thanks 24/7…the ying and yang brothers.



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