The Jets Report Card (added commentary on TNSE)…by Chuck Duboff

The Jets Report Card has been Updated with a Commentary on TNSE not having a good season. Would love your feedback.

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This is my evaluation of the team at the quarter point of the season; one man’s opinion:


Pav – B… has been solid, none of the expected Pav soft goals.  Long term injury allows Jets to see what they have in the system.

Hutch – C… has not provided the same level of goaltending as last year.

Hellybucyk – “best prospect in all of hockey”; the internet is overflowing with comparisons of Helly to Ken Dryden.  We shall see.



Buff – A…having a solid, if not outstanding, season.  Contract negotiations don’t seem to be bothering him.

Myers – C+…after struggling out of the gate, Myers play is picking up.  The more he gets involved in the offence, the better he seems to play.

Enstrom – B…has had a quiet, consistent effort this season.

Trouba – C+…see Myers, pretty much the same comments.  The more he…

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