Mickey Steen shares his memories of the Magic of Christmas as a kid in the country.

Last December 8th I asked my good friend, Mickey Steen, to share his memories of growing up in the country; take a few minutes to read Mick’s wonderful recollections of growing up in small town Manitoba. Merry Christmas Mick.

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© Mickey Steen

Sleigh Bells Ring Are You Listening – I am sure is a Xmas song we are all aware of. Well as a kid growing up on the farm near Pope Manitoba. my sister Mardie & I knew it as Santa’s Sleigh Bells are ringing on Christmas eve. For likely 2, possibly 3 years in a row, we would go outside at the Smith farm and we could hear his sleigh bells approaching, so we knew Santa was on his way.

Santa and reindeer
Sadly, it was a tragic turn of events in the Steen Family that made this all possible. We, and by that I mean, my Mum, Dad and my sister and I used to live in Oak Lake Mb. which is where my Dad was from. Dad, had got out of the army and was working for Steen Construction which was owned by his father. It was the…

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