Christmas on the Homestead: Al Bryski shares his Christmas memories with us.

Last December my good friend Al shared his Christmas memories with us; I thought it would be fun to reblog his wonderful writing…sit back and enjoy Al’s Christmas memories.

Chuck’s Eclectic Blog.

© Al Bryski

Uk Homestead xmas

Christmas on the Homestead:
I was born to parents of of different nationalities. My father was the Canadian born son of Polish immigrants who settled in the District of Saskatchewan in the North-West Territories in 1899. My mother was an Ukrainian immigrant who in 1928 left Ukraine, which was under Russian control, for Canada. They were married on November 10 of 1929. This was a bit of an unusual union as at the time of their marriage most Ukrainian and Polish people carried centuries-old grudges toward each other.
Because my dad was Polish, we were practicing Catholics of the Latin rite and thus we celebrated Christmas on December 25 as per the Gregorian calendar. Most of our neighbours were of Ukrainian descent and celebrated Christmas on January 7 according to the Julian calendar. It was in this way that my family got to celebrate two Christmases, the…

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