Deanna JH shares Christmas memories of candy, soup and Rubik’s cube.

My good friend Deanna shared her Christmas memories last December…sit back and enjoy this reblog of Deanna’s Christmas times…

Chuck’s Eclectic Blog.

© Deanna JH


The winter holidays used to be my favourite time of the year… then I worked in retail for 10 years, haha.
All kidding aside, I still love the holidays, mainly because I love giving gifts to people. I’ve been struggling to come up with some “big” memories for this entry, but I finally realized that I have a lot of small memories that might not sound like much to anyone else, but which mean something to me.

Growing up with divorced parents meant I had two Christmases (and birthdays!) every year – usually Christmas day with my mum, and Boxing Day with my dad. Christmas dinner on mum’s side meant every second year we ate at Auntie Margaret’s house and that meant The Soup. Auntie Margaret made horrible soup. It was a thin, barely flavoured broth with a few pieces of cabbage, celery and maybe some carrots…

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