Saturday Morning Random Thoughts…December 12; by Chuck Duboff

  • © Chuck Duboff
  • From GQ Magazine:   “Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Just Gave U.S. Politicians a Refreshing Lesson in Compassion,” was the headline on the GQ website, which set the tone for some such commentary.
    “U.S. politics right now feel like a clown show of ventriloquized garbage bags yelling dangerous nonsense about Muslims and the Second Amendment,” the piece began.
    “But just north of the border… Trudeau is showing just how far leadership traits like compassion and open-mindedness can go toward endearing yourself to your countrymen. Who would have thought?”
  • With Winnipeg not on the Springsteen Tour, tried getting tix for either Toronto or Minneapolis.  No luck.
  • So Winnipeg has joined in the militarization of police forces; $350,000 for an armoured vehicle.  How very sad are the times we live in.
  • cops-bought-this-armoured-vehicle-to-let-you-know-who-rules-the-streets-of-winnipeg-1449770912-crop_mobile_400
  • So, if I am Jets GM, this is how my negotiations go with Dustin Byfuglien:      “Dustin, how much do you want?”  “OK, that sounds good to me, lets sign the contract, right now!!”  End of discussion!!
  • Dustin Byfuglien is irreplaceable; he is so uniquely talented as a hockey player; he is the leader in the locker room; and I dare say, he is hands down, theeeee most popular player with the fans.  To lose him sends a message that we are not in this to win…just satisfied to be back in the NHL.  It also sends a message to players around the league that we’re not in this to win, why sign in Winnipeg?
  • cropped-buff-smiling1.jpg
  • I am doing everything I can right now…not to write about that narcissistic, racist, baffoon running for President of US…the comparisons to Hitler are scary; with every bit of attention he gets, it fuels his ego to continue down this scary path he is on.
  • What incredible joy watching Laine and Ben’s classes singing Christmas and Chanukah carols in the mall this week; from Ben’s “whatever” to Laine’s sheer joy in performing…I am pretty blessed.
  • This weather is bizarre…December 12 and barely any snow…and beautiful temps.  If nothing else, it will make for a shorter winter.
  •  Proud to be Canadian…watching the Syrian refugees landing in Canada and our PM right there to greet them.  Way to go Justin; I cannot imagine what Harper would have been like right now…he would have been standing by Trump’s side.
  • 848 followers of our blog…how amazing, kinda surreal.
  • Took Laine to Jets game last Saturday afternoon; she so gets into the games; during overtime, every time Washington got the puck, she covered her face and said: “they’re going to score, I can’t watch”…
  • Between periods I asked Laine if I should go back to Mexico to teach; she responded…incredulously: “NO”…I said, “why not?”…she responded: “I would miss you and we wouldn’t be able to do things together!!”   WOW!!   …and that right there is why I came home from teaching in Cancun…to be with my angels.
  • cropped-laine-and-ben-and-i-in-the-pool2.jpg
  • Well, I didn’t go on a US politics rant!!!   Good for me!!!!
  • Seriously Bombers, can’t you do anything right?  Even the 50/50 at the Grey Cup game you screw up!!!
  • Anybody else love Arrested Development…gotta love Netflix and binging on that goofy Bluth family.
  • aD

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