Blessed to have some very special friends…please take a few minutes to read this blog.

During this special time of the year…I would like to repost this blog which I wrote about a year ago…I am very blessed to have three friends like Mick, Al and Geoff.

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This past year has presented some very difficult times; from having to go to the police to protect myself from my ex, to a very dear friend taking her own life, it has been an emotionally exhausting year. However, I am not going to dwell on these events…but, rather I am going to express my gratitude to three very special people.

Three great friends. Geoff Brookes, Al Bryski and Mickey Steen. The long and winding roads bring new people into our lives. For the most part, people come and go and become distant memories. Yet, there are those exceptions. Friends who are true friends, not just acquaintances. These are people who are there through the good times, the fun times and also the difficult times. They don’t disappear at the first signs of problems. They listen, they help, they offer solutions…but, most importantly, they are consistent in…

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