Martha Ticklebottom…alas, she speaks; by Chuck Duboff

(Part 1:

©Chuck Duboff

I knew that working out in this godforsaken hotel would be hell!!  Having to deal with these assholes eight hours a day is demoralizing and sickening.  Pour them a drink, show some boobs and this girl is wracking up the tips…but, the slovenly look on their faces is disgusting.  Then why do you do this Jackie?  Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know, I had to get away from all those guys I was scamming, I know one day that it would have all caught up to me…but really, this?


Fuck, there was this guy who came into the bar last week; I’ve never had to deal with such a pig before.  Came in and I could tell trouble was coming.  Unshaven, dirty clothes, loud and filthy…”hey baby, how about pouring one for daddy?”  I ignored him.  “Come on, show us more of those pretty little hooters!!!”  Through it all, checking out to see if he was getting the desired response.  He made his way over to me “haven’t you heard me pretty lady, pour me a fuckin beer!!”  That was all I was going to take…”either YOU shut your mouth or we will have you out of here faster than you can get that small dick out of your pants.”  He paused.  Snickered.  Looked around the room…”come on baby, you know I was just foolin around; pour me a cold one.”


That last guy I messed with in Winnipeg, daymn I nearly fell for him.  When I was initially texting and playing with him, it just felt like every other guy I’ve led on.  Bait them, hook them and then throw them away.  Gives me a thrill!!!  But there was something about that last guy; fuck, what was his name?  Who cares.  They’re all a bunch of pigs anyway.  Something happened though when I texting with him.  He sounded real, sounded sincere and I was letting my guard down too much.  I was telling him about mom’s cancer, my early life as a hooker…when suddenly I said to myself “what the hell are you doing Martha, I mean Jackie, I mean Neon…”  Daymn that guy messed me up.  I got scared.

I shared too much with him.  I knew I had to get out of town for awhile.  It wasn’t just him, what if I had revealed too much of myself to those other guys, creeps, pigs?  I picked this god daymn little town and it’s one hotel to hide out for awhile and let those guys forget about me.


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