Martha, Part 8: the bar patrons…by Chuck Duboff

© Chuck Duboff  (Find the links to the first seven instalments at the end of Part 8.)


Yup, Martha, she’s a hot one, but daymn, what an attitude that woman has.  She would show up every couple of months and work for a few days.  We all noticed her, how could you not.  It wasn’t just how sexy she is,  but those eyes.  Those eyes which seemed to stare right through you, that seem to put you into a trance.  I knew when she was working in the bar, all the regulars would make sure to be here.  It wasn’t often we got someone like Martha in this little part of Manitoba.


I tried talking to her one day; she was cold, ice cold!!!  “What do you want?”  “Just a beer, just a cold one; you having a good day?”  She gave me that look like she was staring right through me!!  I felt vulnerable, felt like she was going to do something.  I had been here when that guy came in and was acting really smart with her; that’s something we all learned about Martha pretty quickly…she didn’t take crap from any guy.  So when she didn’t respond to my question, I just left it.  I took my beer and went back to the table.

She didn’t talk to any customers for the three days she worked here; it was only when the manager came and talked to her that we saw any real sign of life, semblance of emotion.  They’d talk for awhile, but none of us ever dared listening or joining in on the conversation.  Dustin was the only one who dared talk with her, so we left it at that.

Martha…now that is one interesting woman.


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